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If You Want To Know Where B2B Selling is Going Look at B2C
August 13, 2018 Sales Chat Show
Sales Chat Show

If You Want To Know Where B2B Selling is Going Look at B2C

August 13, 2018

Sales Chat Show

Most people's experience of online buying is from B2C companies like Amazon. That means that the majority of B2B purchasers only really know B2C purchasing methods online. Guess how they want their suppliers to operate? This programme shows why B2B firms need to be more like B2C.
Most people's experience of online buying is from B2C companies like Amazon. That means that the majority of B2B purchasers only really know B2C purchasing methods online. Guess how they want their suppliers to operate? This programme shows why B2B firms need to be more like B2C.

Episode Transcript

Speaker 1:0:10Hello and welcome. You are listening to an episode of the sales show to stream or download a host of further free episodes that will power your sales success. Please visit sales chat We really hope that you enjoy and benefit from this episode.

Speaker 2:0:35So hello folks and welcome to another episode from these sales channel show sales chat show dogs calm a driving your sales success. As always, I am here with Mr Hill and Mr Brian Jones and I am Simon Hazel Dean. I'm in this episode of the sales chat show. We're talking about if you want to know where B, two b selling is going, you need to look at b, two c selling, so obviously the B to b business to business, b to c, business to consumer. So Graham, you're going to, you're going to kick us off like when we say b, two B is going, let's look at the to see what are we talking about here? Largely this changed that's happening is derived from the Internet over the last umpteen years. The fact of the matter is that every B, two, b buyer you will ever meet as a b, two b salesperson will almost certainly have bought something online.

Speaker 2:1:37The chances of most people you meet never bought anything online is pretty slim, pretty remote view, but so almost everybody you're ever going to meet. So those people, their experience of purchasing on the internet is largely through Amazon or Ebay or a source or some of the massive stores and they all do things the same way. So their experience of buying online is b to c. So most people think buying online is what those b, two c stores do and yeah, most B to b organizations don't do what those b, two c stores do online and so on. I'm a procurement personnel were on the business side or know who I thought I am buying B, two b, buying some sort of services or products or something like that over the weekend and I've bought some things on Amazon. They turned up. It's been a relatively effortless kind of transaction.

Speaker 2:2:37I'm kind of going, wow, this is an easy way to sort this out. Am I sort of sitting there going, why is it so difficult for me to buy these things from a business? Why can't I? If I'm buying B two b's sort of services? Is that the kind of thing where we're going? Yeah, but it's a bit more than that. It's because that will be on the Internet. Most of those sold is b, two B, so the. Our experience of online shopping, it's B to c, but actually the majority of sales online, I'll be to be a but those b, two b sales are cumbersome and difficult and because people's experience on the Internet is b to c, you can press a button on Amazon now and half the stuff delivered to your home or to your office within two or three hours or so.

Speaker 2:3:28But you can't do that with B, two b. because if you want to buy a, b, two, b service. If you want to buy. Let's say you need a new accountancy service and you want to buy it. You can't just go and press a button and get it within the next two to three hours because what you have to do is send an email that might not get replied to for two or three days and then there's this gonna happen. And then you may be filling an online form and then eventually after a week or two, you get the bookkeeping service that you wanted. So too cumbersome. But if I was indeed done, consumer wouldn't make an allowance for them because buying a product on line, that might be a commodity. Yup. But if I'm going looking for a new accountant where the relationship and the rapport and the trust or important, yep.

Speaker 2:4:16Presumably I'm going to make an allowance for that. You make a bit of an allowance, but not very much because what's happened is you've done all that research before you press the buy now button. So you've done all of that, you've spoken to people, you've been on social media, you've got advice from other people who say, well they, the person that matter firm, it's fantastic. So you really want to get them to do your bookkeeping and all of that kind of stuff you've done before. So when you get to their website, you've done all that research. You want to buy it now because you're experience with the Internet is buy it now. Get it now. But I suppose the challenge or question, but it makes me think about is that obviously b to c, you do a lot of research, but also the data shows that B, two, b buyers are now increasingly doing in depth research, the 50 slash 60 percent of the way through their process.

Speaker 2:5:01Question to everyone listening in, how easy is it for customers to find out information about you, your in b, two, b space about your service. If you are an accountant, how easy is it if they find you your website or your social media presence or whatever it is they want to do research. If they can't do the research, maybe they will not become a customer quite as the data from Google who've got pretty good data on what's happening on the Internet. I don't know if you do that, but they have got quite good data about what's happening on the Internet. Their data shows that in terms of that information, people are looking for lots and lots and lots and lots of it. So if you've, if you're running, say a law firm or an accountancy firm and you're trying to sell your services to someone and you've got, you know, we offer these services and you've got bullet points of the services you offer and there's like 300 words saying that, you know, call us some more information.

Speaker 2:5:51People don't. They disappear. What you need, Google's data shows us. You need pages on one of those bullet points that turned off thousand words. Each people want the information. The stuff that people are sharing is long in depth stuff. It isn't short snippets, so people's websites, so just completely constructed in the wrong way for getting that information. For people to do the research, they want to get the detail. They desperately want the detail of everything you do. So you need to make it first action point. You need to make it easy for potential buyers to research you to the depth and quality they need. Huge deck there is also, for me the speed thing in business because he knows very, very fast stone, you know, things that we know. We've got another episode where we're looking at, you know, things like chat bots for example.

Speaker 2:6:41So yes, I could phone the telephone number that hopefully is in the top right hand corner of the websites. I could search on the website for, you know, you're a building supplier, do you sell the particular segments? But increasingly I'm very likely to go. I want to just chat to someone that quick. Now you could say, well why don't you look for it on the website? Well, I'm not going to, I'm the customer. I'm going to interact with you how I want to interrupt you. And I think increasingly in B, two c people want an answer now and if they can't find it on the website, they want a chat function. And if they can't find that they disappear to another website where they kind of fight the inflammation to interesting surveys. One about two years ago, I won a couple of months ago when we're recording this, that meant a 2018.

Speaker 2:7:28Um, both of those studies showed that in b, two b buyers, the number one request they had for B, two b websites was. And I quote, I wish they worked like Amazon and that was from about 80 percent of B, two b buyers, so most because that's most of their experience of buying online. And so when they've got to buy in a different way, it becomes really cumbersome and difficult. So the buyers want your website to work like Amazon, even if it's B, two B, there was a government procurement site in the UK for local authorities. So, um, you know that if you're a local authority and you want to buy civil engineering services or whatever, you go to this procurement website and it's got the relevant suppliers. And so all pre checked out by the government and gone through all the relevant approval processes and security checks and everything else.

Speaker 2:8:21And all the information you need is available on that procurement website for local authorities. That local authority website sold to one local authority, a 16 million pound bridge with a single click, which is phenomenal because you would never imagine it will be that particular price. So the fact that the notion that people don't buy B to b online in the same way they buy btc gesture nonsense people, that's what people want. But what we also have to look at is whereas b, two c going because if b, two B is already behind the curve. Yeah. So whereas B, two c going because we need to catch up because the other thing for me is the level of certainty and information you get from people like Thomas. And if I'm missing in your previous comment, being held up as common law, the standard, what people measure, which is our email.

Speaker 2:9:14We have received your order. We have, you know, your order has been dispatched. You're order is arriving this morning almost. You know your own heart. I had one yesterday. Your order has been delivered, you know, getting to the point where you know, and the delivery was nine is battery and a six foot three inches tall. It know it gets today. We got text, delivers a text on some things we all drawn online where they'll give you the timing estimates on the guy who was so you've already informed, you know, you'd never uncertain what's happening to my older and it will be very interesting. I think if you're selling B, two B is how often are your customers uncertain about what's going on most of the time because you sign up for a service or a product and it's kind of this department will be in touch with you and then what you do is you send a memo or an email or some kind or an internal message to that to carbon.

Speaker 2:10:08You've got a pile of things to go through because there's too much manual process instill and they've got to do things and then eventually four days later you might hear from them with the wrong name because they spelled your name wrong because they're in such a hurry and then already you as the customer again. Well I don't really trust this company, so I'm going to look for another one. So whereas if all that is automated, all of that kind of. So it's not about the internet, it's about the internal structures and processes of the business. They're not suitable for the internet, age and speed. Speed is the new need that they, they've started, which is not that new now for wasn't maybe many years ago. It wasn't. No, but it's those, those things that are driving, I suppose are increasing and address people's frustrations. You're, you're, you know, you're not coming up to that standard and we're not going to be frustrated.

Speaker 2:10:56I'm going to go somewhere else. And people are very quick to make changes now. They are happy to change suppliers in a heartbeat basically because they can, in the past you couldn't change the players. It was difficult because you had to trudge off, you had to go to meetings you had. Whereas now I can find an alternative supplier for my office supplies in 30 seconds. So in terms of actions of only just summarize what we've gone through. So one is um, the buyers are going to want to be able to research more of our research for. So you'd need to be researchable, if that's a word. And it needs to be. It's a word now, the correct quantity I suppose, look at numbers and sales page, full product description, photo or several photos, etc. Any questions were answered on the testimonials, ratings, all that sort of stuff is, you know, is on that made sure that the speed is this, right, that your infrastructure in to to move quickly to move at the pace of your, of your customers, and then there is this thing around frequency of contact communication, keeping people updated, bring them up to speed with what's changes, the terminology in their business as well.

Speaker 2:12:07There's no rAther than somebody saying as they do well, we are b, two b. If you follow graham's line of thinking is what our target market is, b, two b buyers in a b to c minor. Well that's really what he's saying. There's a very good blogger who's written about this. I can't remember his name, but it's about internet psychology stuff and he wrote a post saying there's no such thing as b, two b or b, two c. There's only one kind of selling and that's p two p, which is person to person. That's the only kind of selling their ovaries and so this distinction between b, two, b and b, two c has always been pretty much false because nobody buys, no company buys from another company. Somebody in a business buys from somebody else. In a business, it's always been person to person.

Speaker 2:12:57When you go to a retailer you buy from the sales assistant, you don't know. You might be attracted by the brand that is having an influence, but you're buying from a person all the time you've always bought from a person, but increasingly these days we're doing that in the b, two b, or maybe that automated the title of this audio clip because at the moment we've got a rather long working title for it. A flip chart, but follow brian finer thinking maybe there's sort of called moving from beat to beat ptp that all. Yeah, and that's, that's. I think that's kind of, that's kind of a great point to, to kind of wrap it up, but you can see these changes taking place so you could do a standard retail because the buying behavior is changing and you know customers are being dissatisfied with the previous level of business to consumer retail that was available and it's all moved.

Speaker 2:13:49It's moving online and not that everything is going to go online, but it's making changes in the way people behave and the experience of a b to b buyer is on internet systems that have been to see and therefore their expectations are driven by their own experience. So if you match their experience, the only problem and you've got dissatisfied customers or you don't get to customers at all because they've done a lovely line. Their own expectations are influenced by their own experience. That's a lovely line to leave our listeners with, so maybe have a conversation with your customers about what their experiences and see what you need to do to kind of improve how you are doing that. So thank you very much for listing and folks. That was Mr. Jones. Mr. Paul jessen and I am simon hazel dean from the sales chat show that is an absolute library of other free episodes from the sales chart show to listen to ourselves chat or from wherever you normally get to your podcasts from. Thank you very much for listening. Just like

Speaker 1:14:52to wish you good luck and good person to person selling. You have been listening to an episode of the sales chat show to stream or download a host of further free episodes that will power your sales success. Please visit a sales chat Thank you very much for listening to this episode and from everyone here at the sales chat show. We'd like to wish you good luck and good selling.

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