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How to kick start your new sales year
January 15, 2018 Sales Chat Show
Sales Chat Show

How to kick start your new sales year

January 15, 2018

Sales Chat Show

When each new year begins, what do you need to do in order to make sure you sell well? In this episode of the Sales Chat Show, you will discover how to make the most of a new year.
When each new year begins, what do you need to do in order to make sure you sell well? In this episode of the Sales Chat Show, you will discover how to make the most of a new year.

Episode Transcript

Speaker 1:0:10Hello and welcome. You are listening to an episode of the sales chat show to stream or download a host of further free episodes that will power your sales success. Please visit a sales chat We really hope that you enjoy and benefit from this episode.

Speaker 2:0:35Hello folks. It's another episode of the sales chat show sales chat, uh, driving your sales success. And the trio are with you once again on here with my esteemed colleagues, Mr Graham Jones, Mr Phil and I'm Simon Hazel Dean and we are recording this episode in early January. So that is the start of a new year. So we thought we would look at how do you kickstart your new sales year, not only from a calendar point of view after the Christmas holidays when you've had lots of Turkey and perhaps indulged a little bit too much and you're in your January back to work slump, birdel's. So end of the financial year. You've worked very hard closing the last quarter, get in the year and closed and there's sometimes psychologically or business wise is a little bit of a lull. So we thought we would give you some inspiration and some motivation to kickstart your New Year.

Speaker 2:1:32You look very surprised then fell when I said inspiration and you've just kickstarted me, Simon. I'm now ready to go. And my first suggestion if I fire away. So although we are, I'm talking about January, I'm going to suggest to our listeners that they start with the end in mind to quote Stephen Covey. So my question is this, um, if at the end of this year, somebody was to say this has been my best year ever, what three things would have happened. So for our listeners, think about where you want to end up in 12 months time, let's say the end of this calendar year or there abouts. And as the good book says, if you know where you're going, you're probably already halfway there. Fantastic. And of course I would just back that up from um, extensive research in psychology shows that people who have very clear targets and goals performed to higher standards than people who don't have those. So that is good old, good old goal setting and the good old Stephen Covey, the end in mind, God, God rest his soul. Mr Joe. That's all very well saying. Start with the end in mind and you sit there in your little office, lovely little desk with your lovely little computer planning where you're going to end up. Meanwhile, in an office down the road, your customers are planning

Speaker 3:3:00something completely different for where they want to end up. So unless you know where your customers are heading over the next year, you can't plan where you need to go. So I'd say the first thing you've got to do is not planned with the end in mind, but find out what your customer's plans for the new year are because their plans for the new year, it could dramatically affect what you can do. He does have a point. He does irritatingly good one though, have to say so I could see it fitting in brewing as I said my first. So Mrs can stop now. So Mr or Mrs. Customer, please tell me about your plans for the coming year. What are you, what's on your mind? Problems challenges, a bit of research, bit of finding out what they're doing, you know, if they changed, a lot of people will change their website, for example, at the beginning of the year, so they'd planned it and over the Christmas period they'll put a new website top so you know, what changes that they made online and they'll be using this time for maybe launching new campaigns that you didn't know about that you've got a sales opportunity for it.

Speaker 3:4:01So what, you know, do a bit of online research, what are your customers doing online in the new year because they will have been organizing that towards the end of the previous year. It might not have told you. And I think fantastic. Actually

Speaker 2:4:11a fantastic point. And also when you know, lots of our customers sometimes and we all do it, you start to assume you really know them really well. Um, sometimes you do take your eye off the ball a little bit and changes take place in you. You know, you just, you just don't know. We just don't know what's going on as well as perhaps we should get. We should will maybe have a clean sheet of paper approach for those customers, make sure we do, do, understand, understand what's going on, and we sort of sort of, I suppose after people new year and they change things, don't even know, do something new for the new year, whether it be the calendar year or financial year. I think what I would say, don't lose sight of the basic things that are you absolutely have to have in the foundation, things of managing your pipeline, making sure your forecasts are on, target those things, keeping your prospects in a level up, remembering, revisiting all the basic disciplines, planning and properly planning and preparing properly for sales calls, all that sort of stuff, so don't get too caught up in all the new things you're doing.

Speaker 2:5:12Make sure you are carrying onto those success drivers, foundational success drivers. Maybe revisit some of your basics to make sure you are still doing them to a good to a good standard. Six. Get missed out over the year. Then as you kind of get embedded with work, some of it, yeah, I think, I think what often happens is a big push to close a year and to make the numbers to get the numbers close for year end and sometimes things like prospecting activity or keeping in touch with customers as regularly as you have to doing sometimes slips and you know, they'd be crm usage starts to literally tatty around the edges and you're not putting the information into the crm. That means you're going to be able to. You're going to be able to do it. It's that discipline of keeping, keeping the discipline on basic stuff. Because if the basic stuff starts to wobble some stage, you're gonna, you're gonna fail the effects of it.

Speaker 2:6:04So should I have a resolution that says I'm going to this year, I'm going to fill in everything on the crm system. You know, without fail I will be a good. I wouldn't be a good place to start. I have to say, because of you, your crm can become a gold mine over time, but the serves you well, but it's only as good as what's put into it. So how do we get around the fact then that most resolutions or abandoned by the 10th of January every year, discipline and focus on the basics, on the subject resolutions because Graham has an interesting point there. Um, I think one of the tips that I would like to suggest is that we encourage people to vote for quick wins in the kickstart, the, uh, the, uh, the new year. And if you think about a new resident, New Year's resolution that might include health objectives or such, like sometimes people make those so difficult.

Speaker 2:6:58What they don't do this thing. Okay, well, if I am to become healthier, what would it be? A quick win for me this week. And maybe just the simple act of getting out the car and going for a walk. So that's the health version of that. But back to the sales version of that, uh, have a look at the customers and the prospects that we're working on and say, okay, every day in January I will have a quick win and make myself feel good and promising strategy for the month. Yeah. And it's, it's, I think an old adage in sales is the best time to make a sale is after a sale because you're pumped up if you like, you've had some success, you motivated. And so I think that's. Look for that low hanging fruit. Some of that's an awfully overused cliche, but we've normally got slung.

Speaker 2:7:43Let's get some sales in the bag starts. That conversation starts those conversations going so good, good. Go for some quick wins. And also it's a quiet month, sometimes the first month of the new sales year because there's been so much effort going in. Sometimes there is a bit of a lull. What will, what will we do advise our listeners beginning with some of that, maybe quieter time if they have special thing. I think a couple of things that I have done and still do, I think it's a fabulous month for doing that little bit of research and product development and what have you. The probably did go into this in the back end of previous calendar year and also I think it's a good month for meetings with colleagues. That meeting that you've been meaning to have with colleague in production that got a little bit sticky in November or December. Now it's time to go and have that coffee and get some of these foundation stones sorted with those people who are supporting us for the rest of the. Okay. What else? Well, I think you should take a look at your computer because we know that loads of time of salespeople, office stuff generally is wasted trying to find on their computer

Speaker 3:8:57that they filed that in a seemingly sensible place and now a year later they can't remember where they found it. So they spent half an hour trying to find something. Whereas if it was filed accurately and properly, you'd find it in an instant. So actually what you need to do is go back over your computer, look at all the kind of nonsense that you filed, the silly names you gave to folders and so on and re classify things and refile things so that you've got a clear computer based filing system for the Arrowhead because otherwise you're going to just make the mess even worse and you end up wasting time and the remainder of the year try to find things that you could find in an instant rather than an half an hour.

Speaker 2:9:36Yes, our streamline and systemize those. If there's something that's been annoying you across the year, you know, you need to do something about it, now's the time to do it because my child would say you shouldn't have a quiet time in sales. You know, if, if you're working, if you're not on holiday, you're working. It shouldn't be a quiet time. There is always something you can be doing to drive your sales forward. If it's getting planned and prepared, getting yourself sorted out, building those internal relationships, doing more prospecting. I have a colleague who is always works between Christmas and New Year. Um, has a fantastic strike rate during that period of time because people who are at work time, it's quieter for them. They're less internal stuff going on. No gatekeepers, no gatekeepers. He schedules loads of sales meetings during the quiet time and it said it works fantastically well for them.

Speaker 2:10:24Whereas lots of people would say, well, there's no point doing it because everybody's at work. That's not true. That's absolutely not true. So sales people shouldn't have clients time and saying you don't have rest and relaxation and recuperation time. But I think January can for, for some be quite a stressful time. I think as a salesperson it's very easy to feel that the month is over before it's actually begun. A. and one of the tips that I would like to suggest is that in order to really enjoy it, January, maybe don't tell it it, it for many salespeople it's a 10 month year, it's not a 12 month year interest. So take the pressure off, don't have the target in January. I don't have the time. I get in August, you know, load that in to the other 10 months of the year. And enjoy January for what it is and do all the great things that we've been talking about. Interesting, interesting. So that psychologically would create a bit of space for field good months as opposed to, oh my God, I'm back at work and it's all not happening now. You're going to feel good when it's dry January. Then that's a different session, but that is looking after your health as a salesperson or it's, I'm sure it's a very admirable thing to do and I'm having a dry January, February because that's just how disciplined I am. So on that note from the mom of discipline himself, it's been silent. Been filled. Jessica on the

Speaker 1:11:54Graham Jones for the sales chat show. Kick starting your new sales yet good luck and good selling folks. You have been listening to an episode of the sales chat show to stream or download a host of further free episodes that will power your sales success. Please visit sales chat Thank you very much for listening to this episode and from everyone here at the sales chat show, we'd like to wish you good luck and good selling.

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