Reconcile: Everyday Conversations

Episode 2: Sarah Buhler

November 02, 2018 Season 1 Episode 2
Reconcile: Everyday Conversations
Episode 2: Sarah Buhler
Reconcile: Everyday Conversations
Episode 2: Sarah Buhler
Nov 02, 2018 Season 1 Episode 2
Sarah Buhler
"Reconciliation is about acknowledging the past harms and coming to terms with that history but also figuring out how we can create justice for Indigenous communities in the present." Sarah Buhler
Show Notes

Sarah Buhler is a law professor in Saskatoon who has researched how the justice system works for or fails marginalized groups. In our podcast around reconciliation Sarah discusses the importance of recognizing present-day colonization and justice needs for Indigenous communities. Sarah also speaks from her perspective of a Mennonite settler whose family prospered with the land that was given to them, while Indigenous people at the same time were becoming disposed. For Sarah, the journey of reconciliation is political and personal.

Sarah offers some concrete places for people to enter their own journey of reconciliation. First, to learn their own story, to be an ally and work in solidarity with Indigenous groups in the spirit of reciprocity, and to advocate to governments.  She notes, “It is important that our work involves relationship building and commitment to reciprocity because that is where transformation can happen.”

We invited Sarah into our house and around our dining room table to have a conversation around these five questions: 
1.   How would you define reconciliation?

2.   What experiences have defined this understanding?

3.   Where have you seen grace in the reconciliation journey?

4.   How would you invite other people into understanding reconciliation?

5.   Why is reconciliation important to you?

Then we recorded her reflections.
Links from the episode:

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Mennonite Central Committee Saskatchewan -
Reconcile: Everyday Conversations is a project of Mennonite Central Committee Saskatchewan.
The goal of Reconcile: Everyday Conversations is to facilitate conversations among settler/non-Indigenous Canadians around our role in reconciliation.

Our intended audience is Anabaptist faith communities in Saskatchewan.
 Project Coordinator: Heather Peters
 Recording and Editing: Joel Kroeker
 Music by A Northern Road to Glory


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