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Powerback 12: No Bra Sunday

April 04, 2019
The Gutsy Podcast
Powerback 12: No Bra Sunday
The Gutsy Podcast
Powerback 12: No Bra Sunday
Apr 04, 2019
Laura Wallace | Worx Graphic Design
My favorite day of the week to do the things that fill my tank.
Show Notes

On this week's #powerback, we're talking about a little subject I created that is dear to my heart and one of my favorite things to talk about, which is the concept of No Bra Sunday.

Now the name alone very quickly gets your attention because you're like, Wait a second. What are we talking about here? Well, just to clarify, we're going to talk a little bit about the loose concept of what people refer to as work-life balance. And this is one of the small ways that I have infused a little bit more balance in my life.

So basically, um, every Sunday I would just kind of lounge around my house in sweatpants, a T-shirt, you know, a baggy sweatshirt, um, no bra, and just either watch movies or catch up on things around the house. And basically I kind of became a hermit on Sundays. It didn't take very long for some of my friends and family to kind of catch onto this concept like, Hey, it's Sunday. Laura's probably not going to leave the house. In fact, it became so prominent that a couple of years ago I was judging an event and it happened to be on a Sunday. I remember showing up and like three different people coming up to me whispering, Hey, uh, do you know it's Sunday? Like first of all, you're out of the house. Second of all, are you wearing a bra?

I just found this so ridiculously funny. But the reason I hold my Sundays so very sacred to me is because the rest of the week life is busy during the day. During the week I'm running my business and leading my team and building connections. Sometimes the evenings are full of different types of events or speaking engagements. Saturdays are typically a family day where we're doing something or running errands or taking care of things around our home. There's not always a lot of time built in for me to do things that fill my tank.

Now I'm pretty diligent about a few things like every month I get a massage, I ride my Peloton to take care of my body. And these are all glorious things, but sometimes all you really need is just simple downtime. While I protect a day, you may protect an hour. The cool thing about this entire concept is it's not the same for everyone and nor should it be. No Bra Sunday to me is the day that I invest in myself by doing whatever it is I feel like I want to do. Sometimes that involves lounging around the house. Sometimes that's being outside. Sometimes that's actually leaving. Yes, but you can bet that if I'm out on a Sunday, I really, really want to be there. Whatever it is that I am doing on a Sunday is carefully thought about and is only happening if I want to do it.

Now, are there Sundays where things come up that I have to do? Absolutely. I mean, we're humans and this is life. But our entire week is full of things that we have to do, which is why this week I want you to take your #powerback by holding a certain amount of time in your schedule sacred for you.

If you are willing to build in a little bit of self care time every single week, you're going to be able to maintain the things that come at you a lot easier. You have to be able to have the energy to do those things. Now, I know slowing down isn't always the easiest thing. But I hope that this week you'll consider taking a little bit more time for yourself, for no other reason than you need to. You can bet to find me at my house, on my couch, on any given Sunday celebrating the beauty of what I call No Bra Sunday.

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