The Work From Anywhere Podcast

Reflections on a 220k Month

April 30, 2019 Season 1 Episode 27
The Work From Anywhere Podcast
Reflections on a 220k Month
The Work From Anywhere Podcast
Reflections on a 220k Month
Apr 30, 2019 Season 1 Episode 27
Christian Martin
Show Notes

A couple of years ago, I could never have imaged that my thirty-day revenue would hit $220k in one month. For the longest time, I had a dream to get to $100k and it took a lot of work to get there. I had so much frustration in feeling like I was working so hard for something, but it wasn’t happening. I just had to keep pushing and have faith that it was going to pay off. Momentum is a very powerful thing.

Let’s look back at what made this happen:

1. Plant and harvest. There is a season for sowing and there is a season for reaping. Most people understand this but in the age of social media, we are forgetting this more and more. When it comes to building something meaningful, planting and harvesting is the key. The hard work comes before the rewards. The results of today are from the work that I did months ago.

2. Order matters. There are different phases of business, and the most successful people are the most visible. Beginners come in, look at what the professionals are doing, and think they should do the same thing. That’s completely wrong, because there are certain foundations that need to be in place before you do what the most successful people do.

3. Growth is about thinking properly about problems and relentless focus. You really need to look at what your most important tasks are that will move the needle. There are an infinite number of things you can do in your business, but most don’t matter at all. On the other hand, there are a few things that are usually uncomfortable to do but are going to make a difference for you.

4. Protect the asset. As business owners, it’s easy to just obsess over getting results, but if you burn out, you’re done. I have to make sure that I take care of myself physically and mentally by doing things that are good for me. I also have to have a life outside of work.

5. It’s all about volume. The people who are doing ten or a hundred times what you’re doing right now are likely getting the same conversion rate. They just have a lot more volume.

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