The Work From Anywhere Podcast

Breakdown or Breakthrough

December 31, 2018 Season 1 Episode 12
The Work From Anywhere Podcast
Breakdown or Breakthrough
The Work From Anywhere Podcast
Breakdown or Breakthrough
Dec 31, 2018 Season 1 Episode 12
Christian Martin
Show Notes

Most people, when they have a goal, they go out there and try to accomplish it and it starts to get hard. If you’re not used to pushing on something until it turns into the results that you want, then you might say “I chose the wrong opportunity.”

There are a million reasons that you can give yourself to change opportunities. Here’s what I want you to do instead: keep pushing and either have a breakdown or a breakthrough.

Think about trying to lift a certain amount of weight on the bench press at the gym. Your friend is yelling “you can do it” in your face. You’re going to fail and your friend’s going to spot you, or you’re going to lift more weight than you thought you could. You can see in this scenario that either outcome is fine.

The wrong move would be getting off the bench press. This is what most people do in business. They start pushing, say that it’s too heavy, and go to a different weight machine. They say “this weight machine looks great. I’m going to be successful at this, because the problem before was that it was the bench press.” The exact same thing will happen again, and they’ll keep moving to different machines until they have a breakdown and realize that the weight machines aren’t the problem, it’s the person.

I teach how to start digital marketing business to people who have to choose a niche and then become an expert in it. The same thing happens. They go into a niche but say that it’s too hard and switch. It happens again and again because they don’t realize that it’s not the market that’s the problem, it’s their attitude towards business. If you push through and solve the difficult problems in the market, you will be rewarded more than you ever imaged. 

You’re not going to get anywhere extraordinary in life without having breakdowns. They show you that you need to push beyond your limits to achieve what you want in life. What you want is not attainable as a person who gives up when it’s too hard.

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