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Sometimes A Flower; Social Evolution 101 Angela Abraham & Jamahl Peterkin
Social Evolution shows us how to develop healthy communities and safeguard creation from the vandalism of pollution and over-exploitation. We can be the guardians of each other and this world when we see that love is the key. Perhaps "Guardians of the Galaxy" is the next step, who knows, but everyone needs a healthy planet to live on, everyone needs healthy communities for themselves and their families. We really are "team Earth," and it is time to make positive steps we can all be proud of! Your co-hosts are author and social evolutionist Angela Abraham, who has written the upcoming and much praised book, "Sometimes a Flower; Social Evolution 101." She is also the founder of globally successful #1 author platform, helping millions of youth worldwide. Jamahl Peterkin is a lawyer and the founder of Nottingham Peace Project bringing music and mindfulness therapy to thousands of youth in the Nottingham area.