Outerfocus 37 - Jens Olof Lasthein

March 06, 2019
Outerfocus 37 - Jens Olof Lasthein
Outerfocus 37 - Jens Olof Lasthein
Mar 06, 2019
Show Notes

Ok, a couple of things before we get started.

Outerfocus has its first sponsor! Big news, I know. 

PicDrop contacted me a few weeks ago and asked if I’d be interested in them sponsoring the podcast. Well, more supporting the podcast because they like it so much. I agreed to test their product to see if it would be of value to not only me, but you too. I don’t want outerfocus to be a platform for any old shit as long they are giving us money, and anything that is promoted should be of as much value to photographers as everything else we do.

I’m pleased to say, I loved it, and PicDrop are now onboard with Outerfocus. 

I’ve been using WeTransfer and Dropbox for years and PicDrop seemed to have combined the best bits, left out the worst bits, and have added some pretty useful features. 

Clients can see their high resolution files in full screen galleries, as well as thumbnails, rate images using a traffic light system, leave comments and make their own folders and selections for download. It’s a much more personal and involving experience than WeTransfer or DropBox. There is even Lightroom integration so you can upload directly to PicDrop.

You can get three free months of PicDrop premium using this link - https://www.picdrop.de/go/outerfocus

If you’re delivering digital files to your customers, I’ve not used a better product. 

Secondly, you’ll notice there is no Bradley on this episode. Moving forward I’ll be doing more in person and one to one interviews, just to see how it goes. I have other ideas for Outerfocus and I feel it needs to evolve and change, as to not become too formulaic, and I need to work on my interview/conversation skills to be able to do this. 

That’s not to say Bradley will never co-host again, or be involved in the facebook group, or that there won’t be guest co-hosts, but it’s just something I feel I need to do now. I hope we can carry on the growth of the podcast and take it on to bigger and better things. 

An on that note…….

This week I welcome, Jens Olof Lasthein 

Jens is a freelance photographer living in Stockholm, working on assignments for magazines and newspapers, mostly reportages and portraits.

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