Outerfocus 23 - Walker Evans (Martin Parr)

August 08, 2018 Episode 23
Outerfocus 23 - Walker Evans (Martin Parr)
Outerfocus 23 - Walker Evans (Martin Parr)
Aug 08, 2018 Episode 23
Show Notes

“The secret of photography is, the camera takes on the character and personality of the handler” Walker Evans

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This week we are delighted to welcome British documentary photographer, Martin Parr. We dive straight in and find out what Martin has recently been working on, and hear about the former Magnum Presidents new venture, The Martin Parr Foundation in Bristol. We discover how the foundation was born, what it is, and its vision for the future.  Martin tells us how he first got introduced to photography by his Grandfather at the age of 13/14 and about his career so far, including how he became a member of Magnum, and didn’t, and then did again, and his slight run in with Henri Cartier-Bresson...... 

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History of photography this week focuses on Walker Evans. Born in 1903, Evans was an American photojournalist known for his work documenting the effects of the Great Depression, and bodies of work such as American Photographs. We look at his early life, his work and the impact his photography has had on others.


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