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Another Sacked Manager - Tottenham and Football Podcast
067 - The curious case of Moussa Sissoko and other fiendish nightmares
June 26, 2017 John and John

Welcome back and thanks for downloading episode 067 of Another Sacked Manager. This is our testimonial episode for season 3. Most bands have a difficult second album, and we have had a difficult 3rd Season. Apologies for the absence but it simply couldn't be helped - thanks for sticking with us. So on this episode we look back at the final games of the season and give our views on how it ended, football overload, the final match at WHL ceremony, and we have a curious debate over Moussa Sissoko - why does this player keep making the France starting 11, why did the supporters never buy into him and importantly, will he back for another season - many players in spurs recent history have a great second season despite a poor and fledgling 1st year at the club ..... just look at Modric, Bale, Son, Dembele, rose.... most were at first considered for the scrap heap..... but the careers kicked off in future seasons...... why not Mr Sissoko..... Follow us on twitter @spurssackagain blog : FB - "another sacked manager" Insti - "another sacked manager"

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