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The White Coat Perspective on Cannabis

Green Cloud Agency

Your #CannaEverything podcast for Cannabis Education & Advocacy! Episodes are for Medical Cannabis Patients (MMPs, a.k.a "users"), Cannabis Business Owners (Dispensaries, Growers, Producers - in business now or thinking about getting into the biz), as well as Cannabis Influencers Joining Together with the United Mission to Change the Perception of Cannabis Use. We ARE NOT the Typical Cheech and Chong Type Stoners! (and We Don't Judge Those Who Are! lol). We Are a Group of Highly Credible Professionals (Medical Doctors, PhD's, Medical Research Scientists, Nurses, Lawyers, Chiropractors, Pharmacists, University Professors, etc.,)... Who Work or Partner with Green Cloud Agency to Advance the Knowledge and Safe Usage Standards for MMPs and Those Who Sell, Grow, Package, Distribute,etc., Products From the Wonderful Cannabis Plant (Smokable Flower, Concentrates, Edibles, CBD & HEMP topics)!Peace, Love, & Cannabis ON!Love,The CEO of Green Cloud Agency!

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