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The Bolt Prospects Podcast, Episode 39
October 21, 2015 Chad Schnarr

This week's “Enrico Ciccone Edition” of the Bolt Prospects Podcast (also available on, Lightning Radio's iHeart station) includes the following topics: The No. 39 ... Vinny’s Breakfast ... Top line better than the Triplets, now and forevermore? ... Pick an effort level and stick with it ... Koekkoek time (and a soapbox rant) ... The BP Mailbag (Stamkos, Drouin playoff probability … Vladdy’s role … Clark Carle? … Syracuse scratches … Next wave of D ready? … KHL vs AHL … ECHL problems? … Have expectations changed for TB and Syracuse?) EDITOR'S NOTE: This is the second edition of No. 39. The first edition contained some misinformation about Ciccone found on the LA Times website. It has been removed and the podcast reposted. Our apologies to Mr. Ciccone for passing along the bad info.

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