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Invisible Lives

Simon Shaw

Who are history’s greatest nobodies? Here you’ll meet Britain’s most intriguing yet often unknown characters. Just like in the best detective stories, the past is packed with fascinating tales that are often stranger than fiction and twice as gripping. “Invisible Lives” unpicks the people who should have made it in to our history books, from unsung heroes to the downright curious.

Recent Episodes

A deathbed pact is finally fulfilled 45 years later - our most popular story freshly told.May 23, 2020 Episode artwork The homicidal lunatic who helped write the world's greatest dictionary: Dr W C MinorMay 03, 2020 Episode artwork The tale of two tormented but brilliant authors: Alexander Cruden & Ebenezer BrewerApril 14, 2020 Episode artwork What the world needs now....March 22, 2020 Episode artwork The religious cult a century ahead of its time: The extraordinary tale of The AgapemonitesMarch 03, 2020 Episode artwork The remarkable story of the slave who became Britain's wealthiest black man : Nathaniel WellsFebruary 15, 2020 Episode artwork Stop Press! The true story behind one of the greatest so called scoops in newspaper history.January 31, 2020 Episode artwork The English boy who became "Grey Owl."January 08, 2020 Episode artwork The ghosts of 10 Downing Street. Could a disreputable Archbishop haunt the Prime Minister's home?December 22, 2019 Episode artwork Was he Britain's first investigative journalist? The man who inspired Charles Dickens; Henry Mayhew.December 01, 2019 Episode artwork How did a dusty coalman called Thomas Britton transform English cultural life?November 17, 2019 Episode artwork The living dead. Three chilling tales from beyond the grave.October 29, 2019 Episode artwork Murder Most Foul - The grim secret that haunted the original Miss Marple, Margaret Rutherford.October 20, 2019 Episode artwork A scandal in England's aristocracy : The lusty Lord and the Spanish dancerOctober 04, 2019 Episode artwork The double life of Roberta Cowell; Britain's first trans woman to undergo sex reassignment surgery. September 08, 2019 Episode artwork Did a man called David Blair hold the key to the Titanic's demise? August 30, 2019 Episode artwork The unsung pioneer of Penicillin: PC Albert AlexanderJuly 30, 2019 Episode artwork The miraculous moment that changed the life of Charles Jeffries July 22, 2019 Episode artwork Charles Waterton; pioneering Victorian eco-warrior.July 05, 2019 Episode artwork Eagle House; Britain's secret Suffragette refugeJune 21, 2019 Episode artwork Bonus Episode: Doris Hatt Research Interview. (To follow story segment.)June 04, 2019 Episode artwork The remarkable life of Doris Hatt : Revolutionary ArtistJune 04, 2019 Episode artwork Ada LovelaceMay 22, 2019 Episode artwork Dr James BarryMay 17, 2019 Episode artwork Mrs Humphrey WardMay 17, 2019 Episode artwork