Dicks N' Cider Show

“Come Join Our Circle Jerk Of A Conversation!” The Dicks N’ Cider Show is a podcast where two brothers (Allen & Shawn), their nephew (Adam), and (Stephanie) the Google Goddess, get together once a week for a circle jerk of a conversation. The conversations vary from the week’s misadventures, movies, music, sex, drugs, work, politics, relationships, and the downfall of sinciety. During this conversation we bring a few periodicals, jokes, and weird news. Each individual has a part to bring to the show. Allen, aka “Ice”, is the oldest of the four. He brings weekly top ten topics to talk about, Weird Laws from around the globe, as well as a few Fun Facts. His explosive way of expressing himself can get pretty loud and combative. Shawn, aka “Six”, is Allen’s youngest brother, who has a very sharp tongue for comedy. While bringing some comical periodicals to discuss , he also does Neuron Napalm, a trivia game that makes fools out of everyone playing. He also takes time to make musical parodies that they call Six’s Lamb Poons that brings laughs out of all of us. Adam, aka “Erv”, is the first nephew of both Allen and Shawn. With only three years between Adam and Shawn, they are more like brothers. Adam is the “Tech Guy” who is over sexed and always learning as he goes. He brings Erv's Mind Jack. A question that makes everyone think way too hard. Erv has a very different idea for how everything works, ideas that usually drive both Allen and Shawn nuts as he usually plays the Devil’s Advocate. Stephanie, aka "G G", aka "The Google Goddess" comes to the show with her quick wit and the truth at her fingertips. Which keeps the three guys on their toes at all times. Join them, and their guests every week on the many outlets of the internet listed below.