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Dicks N' Cider Show
Autistic Articulation
July 31, 2013 Dicks N' Cider Show

As our naive minds wander through this world, many of us are blinded to those that have struggles and tribulations that would otherwise humble us. Our own lives and issues seem to overshadow what we know not of others that do have it worse. One of the things we like to do do on our show is educate ourselves on the things we do not know. There are many of these things as you may have learned from listening to the show. Some times we get dark, sometimes we get down right horrible. Although we like to entertain, we also like to try to enlighten our minds, and our listeners. So we were able to sit down with two great people that have been dealt a hand that most would fold on. Family friends Joyce Newby And Brad Ludwig are the parents of an Autistic child. We were lucky enough to get them to grace us with their presence in the Purple Podcast Pad, along with their son Alex. In this show we get humbled by these three courageous individuals that have taken what most would crumble under, and they educate us on what it is like to learn, grow and be the parents of a Autistic child. I (Erv), personally can not imagine what the day to day life holds for these two amazing parents. I am honored to know them, and hope that through my life I can remember to use them as a beacon of inspiration to take a step bak and really appreciate everything. No matter how hard life can be these two show that it can still be rewarding and worth every minute. Thanks again to them and Alex for shining a bit of light!

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