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Dangerous R&R SHOW 25....Ugly Things from Downunder
September 03, 2010 Dangerous R&R Show

Due to an incredibly heavy work load [building a set for TV] & unrealistic deadlines I have not had time to do a 'proper' podcast in the last 2 weeks.....so here's a collection of 60's maniacs from Australia via a terrific LP comp that came out over 20 years ago via RAVEN RECORDS ...... Glenn Baker is a god, no doubt. Next week I'm almost sure to do a POD / Radio show so stay tuned...and speaking of this POD...here's the track listing: 1 The Missing Links_You're Drivin' Me Insane 2 The Black Diamonds_I Want, Need, Love You 3 The Elois_By My Side 4 The Moods_Rum Drunk 5 The Easybeats_Goin' Out Of My Mind 6 The Vince Maloney Sect_No Good Without You 7 The Sunsets_I Want Love 8 The Wild Colonials_Get The Picture 9 The Creatures_Ugly Thing 10 The Cult_You're Just My Kind 11 The Atlantics_Come On 12 The D-Coys_Bad Times 13 Trevor Gordon & The Bee Gees_Little Miss Rhythm & Blues 14 The 4 Strangers_Sad & Lonely 15 The In-Sect_I Can See My Love 16 The Jackson Kings_Watch Your Step 17 The Running Jumping Standing_Still She's So Good To Me 18 The Vacant Lot_Don't Let Me Sleep Too Long 19 The Hergs_Style Of Love 20 Jeff St. John & The Id_Sunaroid '67

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