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DR&R Show 30....A Coney Island of Your Podcast
October 20, 2010 Dangerous R&R Show
The dog trots freely in the street and sees KIP TYLER & THE FLIPS and the things he sees are bigger than himself and the things he sees are THE GUYS WHO CAME UP FROM DOWNSTAIRS / Drunks in doorways Moons on trees..... The dog trots freely thru the street and the things he sees are LA RENGA playing Neil Young / Fish on newsprint Ants in holes Chickens in Chinatown windows their heads a block away..... The dog trots freely in the street and the things he smells smell something like himself & MCKINLEY MITCHELL / The dog trots freely in the street past puddles and babies cats and cigars poolrooms and policemen & JIMMY ROGERS / He doesn't hate cops He merely has no use for them and he goes past them and past the dead cows hung up whole in front of the San Francisco Meat Market listening to BIG MACEO 78's / He would rather eat a tender cow than a tough policeman though either might do or maybe JIM KWESKIN'S JUG BAND / And he goes past the Romeo Ravioli Factory and past Coit's Tower and past Congressman Doyle of the WHITE STRIPES / He's afraid of Coit's Tower but he's not afraid of Congressman JACK WHITE..... although what he hears is very discouraging very depressing very absurd to a sad young dog like himself to a serious dog like himself But he has his own free world to live in His own fleas to eat & DAVEY JONES records to listen to.... He will not be muzzled, FRANCE GALL is not just another CHICK HABIT to him / The dog trots freely in the street and has his own dog's life to live and to think about and to reflect upon RUFUS HARLEY & his bagpipes.... touching and tasting and testing everything investigating everything without benefit of perjury or MOBY GRAPE a real realist ... an ANIMAL with a real tale to tell...... and a real tail to tell it with a real live barking GREAT SOCIETY......
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