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DRR Show 31....Hell-O-Ween
October 28, 2010 Dangerous R&R Show
Set List: The Frantics-Werewolf / Claudine Clark-Walking in a cemetary / Fabienne Delsol-Chilla & Fever / Harlem Hamfats-Hoodooin woman / Big Ed-Superstition / Bulldog Breed-sheila's broomstick ride / Buchanan Brothers-Flying saucers / Checkers-Ghost of my baby / Jett Powers-Stranded in the jungle / King's 5-Voodoo man / Lonnie Johnson-Blue ghost / Juke Boy Bonner-Runnin shoes / Ike Turner-She makes my blood run cold / Curtis Knight-Strange things / Swingin' Neckbreakers-No costume, no candy / Sonics-The witch / Tito & Tarantula-After dark........ Fake wounds wash off in the morning and waking up in the drunken tank only partially dressed like Captain Jack Sparrow or Lady Gaga sucks worse than a vampire. While Halloween seems to have surpassed St. Patrick's Day as the most drunken holiday, it has some inherent differences, but requires similar guidelines. To make things safer for you this Halloween we at the DRR Show headquarters found this Halloween Survival Kit on Etsy by the Canton Box Company: The contents of "fun" Halloween Survival Kit will help keep you safe during the most bewitching time of the year! All the contents are held in a wooden box for safe keeping. Contents include: CRUCIFIX: Helps fend of vampires and a variety of other evil creatures and spirits. WOODEN STAKE: Exterminates vampires when driven through the heart. HOLY WATER: Can be tossed on all evil creatures. Also comes in handy for the occasional exorcism. SILVER BULLETS: For when you cross paths with werewolves. These should be shot straight into the heart of the werewolf. GARLIC BULBS: To keep vampires at a safe distance – always keep on hand! MIRROR: Keep with you when you are crossing covered bridges – you’ll know exactly when to duck when that sneaky Headless Horseman comes up behind you. Also a handy item if you’re trying to sniff out ghosts or vampires since they do not have reflections and will not show up in the mirror. SALT: Toss a ring of salt around yourself when you are in the company of a witch - she won’t be able to touch you as long as you’re standing within the ring of salt! Thanks for listening....tell your drinkin' buddies about us!! We're non-fattening and go good with a glass of milk.....
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