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DRR Show 33....Bring Me the Head of Barry Manilow's Tailor
November 13, 2010 Dangerous R&R Show
Bring Me The Head of Barry Manilow's Tailor Hipsters, flipsters & finger poppin' daddies....knock me your lobes......Man, you don’t know who this cat is. Let me Hip You! He was one of the wildest, gonest, freakiest studs who ever stomped through the pages of history. He’s the kind of a cat that balled every big swingin’ main day breeze, all the time every day. And the chicks were jumpin’ and the juice was flyin’ and the band was blowin’ and Nero havin’ himself a fine time, continual! This cat balled Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. In fact he balled so crazy and so far out that occasionally he get his kick warehouse so full of kicks he can’t tick no more kicks in, and when there ain’t no place to put ‘em the po’ cat get hung. But he ain’t hung for long, cause he whip out his scratch pad, which the cat always carried with him and he write on the “O-bob-a-do, O-bop-a-day, you wid me, and I’m wid you,” and he showed it to the Head Pretorian Stud, and the Head Pretorian Stud take one look and his eyes light up and he say: “Man, dig what this genius done put down! This cat is pushin’ Dangerous Rock and Roll!
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