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January 08, 2011 Dangerous R&R Show
Well here we are, brothers & sisters.......the new year 2011.. It's TWANGY, baby......If you have ONE, TWO BROWN EYES when you go to see the FORTUNE TELLER...you know the one that lives with Sidney Bechet UNDER THE PALMS. Any HARD WORKING MAN will SHAKE BABY SHAKE and then become a BELIEVER when the HAWAIIAN COWBOY is discovered UNDER THE ICE......Madam Marie might get the LOOKING GLASS BLUES if you believe in rockandroll and FOLLOW ME into the world of Dangerous R&R...Hey we're GIVING TO YOU because like all God's Chillun' I HAPPEN TO LOVE YOU and like the fortune teller I CAN SEE FOR MILES.......An UNKNOWN BROTHER plants BLACK FLOWERS on the graves of those unfortunate sinners who bask in the light of Dangerous R&R.....WEBCOR, WEBCOR.....
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