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DRR SHOW ESPECIAL: A Dangling Conversation....A.J. Webberman talks to Robert Zimmerman.....
February 26, 2011 Dangerous R&R Show
Alan Jules Weberman (born May 26, 1945), better known as A. J. Weberman, is an American writer, political activist/gadfly, and popularizer of the terms garbology and "Dylanology." He is best known for his controversial personal confrontations with the musician Bob Dylan and for his 30-year involvement with the Yippies, a counterculture movement of the 1960s. He was also an activist in the Jewish Defense Organization, said by the Anti-Defamation League to be a militant Revisionist Zionist organization regarded as a branch of Kahanism, but which professes to be a Jabotinskyite organization. A.J. Weberman has written on the life and works of Bob Dylan, leaving college to focus on creating what he calls a word concordance of Dylan's lyrics. Although a strong advocate of Dylan's importance as an artist, he is less supportive of Dylan the man. Weberman's literary analysis of Dylan's work, which he has termed "Dylanology," is centered around Weberman's assertion that, to Dylan, many words have lesser-used meanings differing, sometimes greatly, from their common definitions. According to Weberman, "Rain", for instance, often means "hatred" in a Dylan song. Dylan wrote, "Father of love / Father of rain" in a song where opposites are contrasted. Rolling Stone magazine has called Weberman "the king of all Dylan nuts." They report an incident where Dylan, annoyed by Weberman and his associates who were constantly digging through his garbage, assaulted Weberman outside Dylan's apartment. In a different article, Rolling Stone reports that Weberman, "a man that terrorized Bob Dylan during the '60s," had now "returned to hassle his son," Jakob Dylan. Weberman claimed that the younger Dylan was a heroin addict. Weberman later applied his unusual research methods to Richard Nixon, Norman Mailer, and other celebrities, coining the term "garbology" to describe his methods and writing the book My Life in Garbology. Cultural anthropology anthropologists such as Dr. William A. Rathje of the University of Arizona conduct expeditions analyzing garbage to understand culture. Weberman attempted to expand his "Dylan Liberation Front" into a "Rock Liberation Front", intended to pressure pop musicians into greater political activity. Weberman, along with the Jewish Defense Organization, and JDO chief Mordechai Levy, were successfully sued for libel to the tune of $850,000 by Steven Paul Rombom, a PI arrested for impersonating an FBI Agent. Weberman has also studied the 1963 assassination of US President John F. Kennedy and was employed by the late Congressman Henry Gonzalez of Texas and Senator Richard Schweiker of Pennsylvania.[citation needed] Weberman's book on the subject, Coup D’Etat In America, postulates the assassination as part of a coup d'etat led by rogue CIA agents Howard Hunt, Frank Sturgis (a contract agent) and David Christ, Head of the TSD of the CIA, angered by Kennedy's failure to remove Fidel Castro from power. The book includes transparent overlays, as in an anatomy textbook, so that the reader can compare the faces of the tramps briefly arrested in Dallas with photos of E. Howard Hunt and Frank Sturgis. Weberman's assertion that Hunt was involved in this action led Hunt to initiate a lawsuit, later dropped. Before his death in 2005, Hunt told his son that he had been involved in the JFK assassination. In 2005, Weberman and other well-known Yippies, including Dana Beal and Pie Man (Aron Kay), joined forces to turn the long-time Yippie headquarters at 9 Bleecker Street on Manhattan's Lower East Side into a counterculture museum. As of 2006, renovation of the building has been partially completed, and a charter from the New York State Board of Regents has been granted. Weberman, who is a member of the Yippie Museum's board of trustees, announced in early 2006, in a typical display of Yippie spoofery, that the museum would house an Institute for the Study of Advanced Political Protest. Recordings of telephone conve
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