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HGRNJ Show #2 Knuckleheads Unite!
June 08, 2018 Dangerous R&R Show
Our opening salvo takes us to Sleepy Hollow NY where Gandalf Murphy and his band of Slambovians hold center court while "Living With God"...from there a visit with a "Good Shepherd" via the Jefferson Airplane airways lands us in Tennessee via Mississippi Fred McDowell and "Kokomo Me, Baby"...remember MFMcDowell does not play no R&R! Finishing off the 1st set of music is Tito & his Tarantulas warning of the hazards of going out late at night "After Dark". Set 2 has a raucous celebration of "Saturday Morning" via Mark Oliver Everett a.k.a. The EELS...but a reminder from Pops Staples has humbled us via "Gotta Serve Somebody". Finishing up a short set with "Struttin' Down Main Street" with a very righteous slide guitar from Ry Cooder and a band he recorded this record with called FUSION... Set 3 has the listeners "Driving The View" from one of the bastard children of the shotgun wedding called Uncle Tupelo....SON VOLT. Sixpence None The Richer "Waiting On The Sun" [I'm a fan.....don't judge me for it...I like catchy pop songs...] Billie Holiday gets remixed and reimagined by Nicodemous & Zeb so she's not "Traveling Alone"...and a reminder from Willie DeVilleā€¦"Time Has Come Today" finishes out the 3rd offering from your humble host... 4th and last set of music: The Bob Seger System lets everyone know he's "Ramblin' Gamblin' Man".....from the "polarity correct" version of XTC's SKYLARKING "Earn Enough For Us" gets a spin...apparently Andy Partridge and producer Todd Rundgren clashed frequently whilst recording quite possibly the best work of XTC and when The Wizard A True Star submitted his final mix he had the mixing desk hooked up with a reversed polarity which resulted in a great LP but the rhythm section was nowhere to be found! Well it's been released as a double 45 rpm Polarity Corrected offering and I must say it's spectacular! Oh yeah you heard "Earn Enough For Us". Finishing up is a band from the UK called BROADCAST and "I Found The F" from TENDER BUTTONS..... That's if for this week....I'm feelin' the love so I'll be back next week....have a great day! Mickster
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