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HGRNJ Show #4 "The Vandals Took the Handle" or "Freewheelin' on the DRR Show"
June 23, 2018 Dangerous R&R Show
Open this episode of the DRR Show is rock god / poet / icon Bob friggin' Dylan! From what for me is his definitive LP BRINGING IT ALL BACK HOME. When I was growing up I listened to all his LP's but BIABH is the only one that I identified with...."Subteranean Homesick Blues". After the AJ Weberman phone call is there any doubt that Dylan the artist was a little more "iconic" than the Dylan we heard on the phone?...doesn't matter...it's DYLAN! The subject of the phone call is none other than Mick Jagger or as Keith calls him "Nancy Girl". I like Jagger as long as I don't have to watch him dance and let's not forget the video he did with Bowie...what the f**k was Bowie thinking? ….sheesh..... The Kinks with "This Time Tomorrow" off of LOLA vs. POWERMAN..not one of my favorite Kinks LP's but it's grown on me over time. The Onion Radio News and Doyle Redland checks in with a story about an uninspired carpenter....that's me on any given day these days. Set 2: "Run Run Run" by the Who in true stereo kicks ass / Dr. Johnny Fever checks / Mary Wells from an early Motown 45 / Black Merda psychedelicizes the proceedings giving way to Ray Barretto's "Soul Drummers" off of 1968's ACID …. was Ray dropping? hmmmm…. Set 3: Matt "Guitar" Murphy died this week at the age of 88 so to memorialize his greatness "Stepping Out' which this author first heard on the John Mayall's Bluesbreakers "BEANO" LP.... a bible of sorts for skinny white kids playing guitar in the 60's. Speaking of Mayall, a cover of Johnny "Guitar" Watsons' "Looking Back" gets a spin on the trusty Technics 1200 [which I converted to also play 78's!] Blondie [because I love Debbie] with "I know but I don't know" says it all for moi and one of my favorite LP's of the 2000's PARLOR TRICKS AND PORCH FAVORITES by PG Six sings a song that I can relate to these days..."When I was a young man". Parting Shot or Set 4: Kangaroo with Barbara Keith on vocals tells the tale of a "Daydream Stallion". Kangaroo included Jon Hall who went on to ORLEANS [but we'll forgive him for that] and everyone's favorite drummer ND Smart. Chrysie Hynde lays down a great version of Tim Buckley's "Morning Glory" to take us out. Stay Smooth, brothers and sister......
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