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HGRNJ Show #5 Where Do You Want It?
June 29, 2018 Dangerous R&R Show
Tonights episode pays homage to Billy Joe Shaver who politely asked his victim before shooting him in Papa Joe's Texas Saloon "Where Do You Want it....." before he could answer he shot Billy Bryant Coker because he was " such a bully"....when Billy Bryant dropped his knife and apologized Billy Joe informed him "Well, if you had said that inside, there would have been no problem..." CROOKED STILL from Boston starts it all off with "Angeline the Baker" followed by an ultra sexy Spanish version of "Scratch My Back" by SOUTHERN CULTURE ON THE SKIDS...Billy Joe Shaver and his son Eddie let everyone in on a family secret that "Blood is thicker than water". Finishing up the 1st set is an old 78rpm on the Okeh label from 1941..The Golden Gate Quartet with "Jezebel". Set 2 The Dukes from N'Awlin's on the Specialty label from 1954: "Ooh Bop She Bop" a 45 rpm. The Woolies barely acne free blast a Bo Diddley style rocker: "Who Do You Love" on Dunhill Records 1966 / another 45rpm from the vaults. Echoing my personal mantra of late is the Paul Butterfield Blues Band from Chicago with a killer version of BB KIng's "I got a mind to give up living" from the great raga influenced blues LP..."East-West" and a short trip over the border to Canada we blast aninyourface rocker from BY DIVINE RIGHT: Chinchilla Deluxe....wow! Set 3 Al Kooper with an early version of "I can't keep from crying sometimes" from the pretty terrific Elektra Records Sampler WHAT'S SHAKIN'...Kooper redid this tune with The Blues Project a short while later....The BProject was an early influence on this author having made the trip into NYC at least 8-10 times to check them out. Before THE ELECTRIC PRUNES kill it with their 3rd single "Get me to the world on time" we check out a Voxx Wah Wah ad featuring the Prunes....tre' 60's eh? John Hammond Jr. another early influence pounding my lobes in the 60's with "I wish you would" tips his hat to THE HINDU LOVE GODS covering PRINCE'S "Raspberry Beret"...The Love Gods are really R.E.M. sans Stipe with Warren Zevon stepping up to the mic...1990 that was recorded if my memory serves me well....we'll end this show with an outfit from San Francisco 1967..."The Endless Tunnel"....electric banjo, pretentious lyrics....it's the street I'm comfortable walking down.... Later for you.....
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