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HGRNJ Show #6 Jacks or Better.....
July 06, 2018 Dangerous R&R Show
Skinny dippin' in the oil o' joy.....Set 1 opening up the card game with a royal flush in my books! NRBQ from their very first self titled LP just re-released for the first time ever on vinyl by Omnivore Records and baby they nailed it! Covering Eddie Cochran's "C'mon Everybody". Country Music Hall of Famer sweetens the pot with "Baby, I Just Want You". Helping out Floyd is Cajun God Link Davis! Davis is a triple-threat cat....fiddle, sax, harmonica and he can sing! We'll hear more from Mr. Davis in the next round....Horace Andy stokes the pot with his version of Bill Withers' "Ain't No Sunshine"...someone get me a spliff, mon! Mark Oliver Everett AKA The Eels is "Kinda Fuzzy" from all the action..... Set 2: Link Davis gets to sit at the "big pot table" and immediately bluffs with "Don't You Big Shot Me"...The Replacements won't fold and raise with "I Will Dare"....you know when your playin' poker with the big boys it pays to blend in like a "Chamelion" like Herbie Hancock from his genre breaking LP HEADHUNTERS. The Onion Radio News chimes in with a timely report on North Korea....Country Joe can't stand the tension and declares..."Hold On It's Comin"...Jessie White takes a break from his gig as a Maytag repairman and with his Jungle Drums declares...."We got the tenor sax, guitar and drums...we're all set to make a R&R record....all right now let's hear it" Set 3: After the game everyone sits back and partakes in their stimulous of choice...I'm guessin' that The Pretty Things' "Walking Through My Dreams" is hinting at Dr. Albert Hoffman's chemical compound LSD...remember that the good Dr. was the first. We all know how Willie Nelson relaxes so we played his NORMAL radio ad. Rosetta Howard best known for the first version of "If Your A Viper" plays a different song with The Harlem Hamfats.."Candy Man". And nodding out with The Jim Kweskin Jug Band from a soundtrack of my childhood..."If Your A Viper" offa their 1967 LP GARDEN OF JOY. Well that's it for this week my friends....I'm leaving you in the good hands of Canada's Mother Earth and "Soul Sacrifice"
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