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HGRNJ Show #7 Big Dame Hunters
July 20, 2018 Dangerous R&R Show
Well it's another episode of the DR&R Show...I do have to point out that we're sometimes broadcast on Brother Ralph's Chestnut Radio Internet Station. Ralph is a long time friend and …..well it just makes sense to "skinny-dip with the power of the Internet" on as many stations as possible! Make no mistake: HGRNJ is home base. Starting off the show is Roky Erickson and The 13th Floor Elevators from BULL OF THE WOODS..."Livin' On" from 1969. At this point Roky was just about ready to check out for a few decades so listen up! Baby Woodrose follows with "I'm gonna make you mine". Who says the Danes can't rock? Van Morrison and the original lineup of Them kicks ass with "1-2 Brown Eyes" And Steve Gibson and the Original Red Caps with one of my favorite cuts "Big Game Hunter" offa a 10" vinyl 78rpm from 1953 on RCA. Set 2: The Harlem Hamfats and their first "Oh Red". A great cut that Chuck Berry just had to have in the back of his head when he wrote "Maybelline"....Ronnie Hawkins and The Hawks killin' it with "Who Do You Love?" [Roulette 1963] features a very young Robbie Robertson kickin' ass with his Telecaster. The Saints from Brisbane, Australia and "Memories are made of this" gets a play once of twice a year because it's a great cut / Harvest 1978 / ETERNALLY YOURS. From the Aussies to the Scots with "Fight" by Sons and Daughters. A band made up of just that. Set 3: Jr. Wells tells his woman to "Shake it baby" a great cut with Buddy Guy slingin' the 6 string. Amy Winehouse & the Specials take it to the jungle with "Monkey Man"...Motown's own Bettye LaVette with a spiffy rendition of Kenny Roger's "Just Dropped In [to see what condition my condition was in]". Bettye lives just down the road from the Jungle Studios where this show is produced....and one of my favorite bands Kaleidoscope from the west coast killin' it with "You don't love me"...a song done by many artists but this is one of my favorites 'cause it's got David Lindley playing guitar on it! Set 4: Straying from our usual 10-12 song fading out the end of the show will be a short set started by "King" James Harman with our theme song: Love Jungle. I just love James and interviewed him many years ago but for some reason never edited and published....seems like it might get a debut pretty soon....wink wink...… Steve Earle....good god he's probably the only liberal member of the NRA. "Ashes to Ashes" off his great LP "Jerusalem" / Artemis 2002. Well we fade out with Quicksilver Messenger Service from the 1st LP..."Gold & Silver"....it really doesn't get much better... Next week, Brothers & Sister....adios!
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