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HGRNJ Show #9 "Well Hello Mr. Soul, I Dropped By To Give You A Podcast"
August 17, 2018 Dangerous R&R Show
Skinny Dippin;' in the Oil '0' Joy indeed, brothers and sisters...this weeks journey promises nothing but hopefully delivers goodness from the Purple Grotto! Every 2nd Saturday of every month I take my traveling monkeys, records, cd's and sometimes 78's on the road to fleece unsuspecting record collectors out of their hard earned moolah....actually I provide quality records and "satisfaction guaranteed" returns, etc. This week on the DRRShow we have some cool s**t to lay on your lobes.... Set 1: Opening Salvo.... Georgio [Moroder] starts off the show with a 45 rpm on the HANSA [Europe] DUNHILL [USA] label....a killer snotfest recorded in 1972 but sounding more like 1965..."Watch Your Step" Link Wray proves once again that he's the king of all things that crunch with "The Wild One". The Linkster never fails to deliver....The West Coast Pop Art & Experimental Band from their 1st Warners LP and one of my favorites "Shifting Sands". The 5 Royals wrap up the 1st set with a killer R&B number "Say It" from Sid Nathan's King Records 1957. Set 2: Yes from their 1st LP and what is considered "the Peter Banks Era" with a Beatles cover: "Every Little Things She Does"...I have to be honest I dig the 1st 2 LP's Waaaay better than what came after but it's like another band after the 2nd so I dig those also...Bob Brozman a true "wizard of the strings" [not taking anything away from Roy Smeck] kills with "Hilo March" which always gets me "Dancing Barefoot" by NJ's own Feelies. Once only available on a flexi from the Bob Magazine, "Barefoot" can be had on CD if you look for it. I went to turntable #1 and dropped on the 2nd FREE LP...."I'll Be Creeping" from Island / A&M records to round off the halfway point of the show. Set 3: We "Hilo March" back to Hawaii where our friends 7th Order call homebase these days for a special offer:...…..If you email: info@7thorder.com and mention that you heard it on the Dangerous R&R Show, Daniel will send a link to download "The Lake Of Memory" CD which has the great Martin Pugh playing on some if not all the cuts. Tell Daniel I said "A hui hou". Yes makes an appearance again this time from their 2nd LP with another cover song "No Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Needed" a Richie Havens song from one of his better LP's "Something Else Again". The brits are on fire so I'm goin' along for the ride...Tramline with a cover of Stephen Still's "R&R Woman". Did I say "killlller?" How about the Buff Springfield themselves with the opening track from BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD AGAIN....Mr. Soul. A Neil Young song that I still listen to today. I got this track off the brand new Buffalo Springfield Boxset / Vinyl.....RECOMMENDED! We’ll end this weeks show with a rarity from the U.K...Andwella’s Dream from their first LP called Love and Poetry with a classic “Felix”...... Thanks for listening / streaming and I'll be back next week.....
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