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HGRNJ_Show 10 - Blues, Browns & Bloos
August 24, 2018 Dangerous R&R Show
Set 1: Diggin' into the 45 vault for Tony Jackson & the Vibrations with "Fortune Teller" with stellar guitar work from Paul Pilnick...why isn't he in the R&R Hall of Shame?....Charlie Feathers [another candidate if you ask moi….maybe the requirement is a full set of teeth?] singin' his tale of a "Wild wild party" which was released on a 7" slab o wax in 1961 / Memphis Records. Mickey Most doesn't want to miss the 45 rpm party but even if he does "It's Alright" w/ Sir James Page on guitar...Fairport breaks the 45 spell with a cut from their first LP with "Time will show the wiser"...Ian McDonald aka Ian Mathews on lead vocals and none other than Judy Dyble on background vocals...great guitar work from Richard Thompson... Set 2: The Bloos Magoos on 45 rpm..."So I'm wrong and you are right"...after this [their 1st 45] they changed their name to The Blues Magoos. The Blue Things with a DRR staple "Orange rooftops of your mind" on a 45 from RCA...Killer! The Onion Radio News checks in with their weekly report on prison food....And speaking of food....Papa Link Davis on a small label out of Texas with "Rice and Gravy Boogie" takes us to The Nazz "Under the Ice" a 45 rpm on the SGC label 1968. Set 3: A bunch of Browns.... Roy Brown w/ the R&R Trio on a 45 / Imperial Records 1958...."Hip shakin' baby"...Roy never sounded better! He doesn't need more cowbell he needs more REVERB!....Milton Brown & His Musical Brownies check in with an instro-mental "Takin' Off" / Decca 1935. Brown is considered the architect of western swing predating Bob Wills by a few years. In fact Wills got his start in one of Milton's early bands...the world would know more about Milton Brown had he not died in a car crash in 1935 driving his "date" home. The Steel guitar is played by one of the greatest of all time Bob Dunn who is credited with the first amplified steel guitar ever recorded! Phil Brown keeps the ball "Rollin' and tumblin" off his first record called Cruel Inventions from 2002...I dig Phil a lot....James Brown with "It's a new day [Let a man come in" from 1970 finishing out the last proper set of music for the evening..... We finish out the festivities with one of the great German bands of the last 50 years...CAN. "She brings the rain" is the b-side of their 2nd single and a great one at that...Earl Jean [McCrea] with the original recording of "I'm into something good" which was a big hit for Herman's Hermits....and taking us to the finish line is a really good Canadian band called Mother Earth...their cover of Soul Sacrifice is essential! That's if for this week.....so if the good lord's willin' and the creek don't rise we'll be back at the Purple Grotto with another DRR Show next week....stay smooooth…...
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