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HGRNJ Show #11 Birds, Camels, Fish & Eels
August 31, 2018 Dangerous R&R Show
Heading into the Labor Day weekend we have a top notch episode to deliver! Opening Salvo - Skinny dippin' in the oil o joy! Set 1: The Yardbirds fly in for some fun and games with "Little Games" offa the LP of the same name....Jimmy Page's debut LP with the 'birds' and not a bad cut on it! Page's "sloppy drunk" guitar is the star here.. *Dr Jack Van Impe with a public service announcement on the dangers of R&R The Sopwith Camel with "Frantic Desolation"...The Camel were one of the early San Fran groups to score a hit song with "Hello Hello" a novelty ditty that holds up to this day. Peter Kraemer's vocals and Norman Mayell's drums along with the guitars of Terry MacNeil and William "Truckaway" Sievers steal the show. Trader Horne was really a duo consisting of Judy Dyble & Jackie McAuley...Dyble was formerly with Fairport Convention and a brief demo recording stint with King Crimson while MaAuley cut his r&r chops with Them and later The Belfast Gypsies...both holding a high place in my record collection. *Dr. Jack Van Impe checks in again with some more of his take on "rock and roll music" I probably have 10-15 of Jack's LP's....I have fond memories of watching his weekly TV show where his eschatological sermons haunt me to this day....and lets not forget the Doc's foil Rexella Van Impe…..yikes! Willie Nelson from 2003....with a Mickey Newbury song "Just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in"....I love this song no matter who's doing it and it's tailormade for Willie.... Set 2: Love....the great band from LA that rocked my world when I was poppin' pimples in high school...."You I'll be following" ….indeed. Alice Cooper when Alice Cooper was a band and not a person with "Shoe salesman"....terrific out of place cut on their 2nd offering before they became Vincent Damon Furnier backing band. Alice is one of the good guys always helping out his band when they wanted to leave the nest....kudos to AC. The Onion Radio News with a hysterical report on the Cicadas and the Red Hot Chili Peppers... English Beat..."Best friend"...great UK band from the early 80's... Earl pays homage to the Chuckster...Chuck Berry with my favorite CB song "Too much monkey business" Set 3: "Not so sweet Martha Loraine".....ahhhh when I hear this song I think of an girl from the Jersey Shore who used to come knocking on my door late at night when she was lonely...Martha... Amy Rigby writes great songs and should be better known....."Believe in you" is one of them. Rusty & Doug [Kershaw] "Hey Mae" one of my favorite 45's that took a while to track down a clean one. And The Youngbloods with a classic "Darkness Darkness" / Elephant Mountain...what a way to end the 60's! Set 4: Wimple Winch - "Save my Soul"...great freakbeat from their 1st record / 45 rpm. They started life as Dee Fenton & the Silhouettes and checked out after 3 great records.... Opal was a psychedelic rock band from Los Angeles, CA. The group was formed by David Roback (ex-Rain Parade) and Kendra Smith (ex-The Dream Syndicate) in 1982 under the name Clay Allison. Changing their name to Opal, they released their sole LP, "Happy Nightmare Baby" in late 1987. Smith left the band the following year mid-tour. Roback went on to form Mazzy Star while Smith later re-emerged as a solo artist. And finishing off the show with the brainchild of Mark Oliver Everett and his Eels...."Soul Jacker pt. 1" Next week will be a DR&R Show favorite recording as I'm going out on the road selling and buying more rekids……...sayanara, Papa-sans and Mama-sans....
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