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DRR Show Pick of the Month: XTC - Skylarking / Polarity Corrected!
September 05, 2018 Dangerous R&R Show
Well for those who keep score...….I usually don't do a new show on the 2nd Saturday of every month as I'm out juggling records like saucer plates on the Ed Sullivan Show at the aptly titled Second Saturday Record Show! So I decided to string together XTC's brilliant SKYLARKING which was released a couple of years ago as a double 45 rpm record with the POLARITY corrected mix....I'm not sure what went down but for those who do keep score know that the sessions with Todd Rundgren didn't go well.....Andy Partridge and The Runt didn't agree on much but one thing you have to agree on....The Runt delivered what is considered XTC's finest moment SKYLARKING / 1986. Something happened to the mixdown tapes where one of the machines was wired with the polarity crossed which cancelled out most of the bass so I'm told...it's been fixed and I strung the entire LP including "Mermaid Smiled" and "Dear God"....and I hope to whatever God you worship that I did a good thing....DIG IT!
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