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HGRNJ Show #12 Confusion About A Goldfish?
September 17, 2018 Dangerous R&R Show
Hey Brothers and Sisters.....Sonny Boy Williamson II A.K.A. Rice Miller starts off this podcast with a classic that Led Zeppelin "borrowed" a few years back..."Bring it on home". Tom Waits kills me with "16 shells from a thirty-ought-six"....a great cut that sums up my love for TW. Don & Dewey with a rockin' b-side "A little love" / a-side is "Jungle Hop". Redd Foxx checks in for a short soundbite before Roy Head & the Traits shimmy to the bar with "Wigglin' and gigglin". Set 2: John Kongos with the theme for this pod "Confusion about a goldfish" ….a pretty wacky concept but I love the song and the LP it came off from Janus Records 1969. A short lived Stroudsburg PA band Dream of Fire visits with Bloodline....I saw this version of the band at Main St. Jukebox when I worked there about 10 years ago. Loved them. The Pretty Things with "Miss Fay regrets" off of what Rolling Stone Magazine picked for their LP of the Year: Parachute in 1970...a great follow up to S.F.Sorrow of the previous year. Now I love The Soundtrack of Our Lives [TSOOL] probably more than I should but who gives a fuck? Their offering: "Dow Jones Syndrome" from 2000. Set 3: When it comes to country outlaws Johnny Paycheck was the baddest...George Jones was said to cower when JP entered the room...and his song "Pardon Me [I've got someone to kill]" says it all....Graham Parker & the Rumour from Howlin' Wind with "White Honey"...great stuff lads! Our weekly episode of The Onion Radio News followed by The Clash and "The right profile"...Joe Strummer doing double duty with his other band The Mescaleros and the theme song from a short lived TV show: John from Cincinnati....search it out you won't be disappointed! Finishing off this weeks Pod is Kaleidoscope with "Taxim". Love the band even when they sucked.... Later G8ters....
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