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A Season of Acceleration
August 28, 2018 fivestones church
fivestones church

A Season of Acceleration

August 28, 2018

fivestones church

Are you ready to see the length between your promise and your breakthrough accelerated? We believe that we're in that season as you listen to this message from Pastor Ryan Smith.
Are you ready to see the length between your promise and your breakthrough accelerated? We believe that we're in that season as you listen to this message from Pastor Ryan Smith.

Episode Transcript

Speaker 1:0:01Five Stones Church, thanks you for listening to this message from Pastor Ryan Smith. For more information, events and the latest news, consider connecting with us on facebook, twitter, and instagram. Together we can awaken a generation.

Speaker 2:0:15Hold somebody lifted up. Just give him praise. Kenya, come on. If you can praise him for what he has done, you ought to be able to lift something up to the Lord and say, Lord, you've been good to me. Hallelujah. Praise the Lord. You remain standing with me for just a moment.

Speaker 3:0:32If you have a Bible, please reach down and grab it. If you don't have one, we'll put the scripture on the screen. Let's just stand for the word of God. Turn with me to John's Gospel. Y'All ready? See if I'm the only one in this room ready? Then there's a release, but not a reception. You didn't hear me. If I'm the only one that came into this room ready, then I'm going to release something. You're not ready to receive it and you will miss out on the value of what he's about to say. Two weeks ago, I release five decrees in this house. How many were here for that? How many has got them posted somewhere in your life? Holy Spirit kind of arrested me this week and he said, you can't just release a decree without teaching them how to operate in it.

Speaker 4:1:37Hmm.

Speaker 3:1:37It's funny how the Holy Ghost works like that. I released five degrees. You get all excited. You're decreasing them, but you don't understand that there are some requirements on your behalf in order to see the fulfillment of that decree. John's Gospel chapter six, please. John's Gospel, chapter six. John's Gospel, chapter six. Today, I want to read from Verse Sixteen, please. Two weeks ago we established this word out of Joel. Twenty to 28 now shall decree a thing and it shall or it will be established and will repeat myself. Two weeks ago we established out of the Joel 22, 28. The scripture says, Thou shall decree a thing and it shall be established. Two weeks ago we began to decree because we understood that if we say a thing, it releases movement.

Speaker 2:2:39The things are not required to move because you wish they would move. They are required to move because you speak to them. That's why Matthew's Gospel says, whosoever shall say unto this mountain, be Thou removed thou not in his heart, but believe whatsoever he sayeth. He shall have because there's just some stuff in your life. You got to talk.

Speaker 5:3:01You got situations in your life that seem to be unmovable. You got to talk to them because when God wanted to create, he didn't have a conversation.

Speaker 3:3:13He decreed. He spoke

Speaker 5:3:17best. I can tell the son woke up this morning when I went to bed last night, the stars were shining in the sky. Why is that? Because God decreed spoke them into existence and they can't move unless he releases them from their responsibility. Does that make sense to you? That's why the Bible says don't week shall say. That's why the redeemed of the Lord say so, because God has given you a mouth to speak. That will release movement.

Speaker 3:3:55So today we're going to talk to you about a season of acceleration. I know they ain't. Nobody in here wants God to cut down the interval of time between when you say a thing and when you receive a thing.

Speaker 3:4:13Nobody in here wants to continue to go through the motions. They're ready for God to release some stuff. I know you are an unbelieved. There's a season coming. The 16th verse, John's Gospel, verse 16. Now when the evening came, his disciples went down to the sea, got into a boat and went over the sea toward Capernaum and it was already dark and Jesus had not come to them. Then the sea rose because a great wind was blowing. That means they were having some difficulty rowing the boat. You ever had some difficult to get into where you were designed to go. You ever felt like you had a dream and you were waiting around a dream to be fulfilled and then you found yourself rolling and not making much progress. I know they ain't nobody in here. This taken three steps forward and slip back to you thought it was just you. I got good Gospel News for you. Even those that were handpicked by the Lord had some difficulties. Had some struggles and had some, some adversities. The Bible says that they were rowing, but the wind was blowing contrary to them. That means they were rowing, but making no progress. Verse Nineteen. So when they had rode about three or four miles, that's new King James. If you're reading King James is talking to you about the span of distance

Speaker 5:5:39since they saw Jesus walking on the sea, drawing near the boat. And they were afraid. But he said to them, it is. I,

Speaker 4:5:51it is. I,

Speaker 3:5:53um, common to where you're struggling. I'm coming to where your rowing.

Speaker 4:6:02Yeah,

Speaker 3:6:03I know you didn't think anybody knew where you was, but I'm headed your way. I'm just going to walk this out today. I know you don't win this greater, but there's one walking on what you can't conquer. Oh, I didn't hear nobody say Amen Right there. Because the Bible said he come walking on what they were struggling in. The very thing that was holding them back. The very thing that they were wrestling with. He came walking on. Why? Cause he had dominion over what they were struggling with. That's why the water wasn't holding him up. He was there when water was created, so water was because he said it was about three of you got that. In the rest of you said that didn't make no sense because when creation was he was so. When he spoke water into existence, it was him who spoke so the water was because he said it was so. He walked on water. He put in motion. The water wasn't supporting the Lord the Lord. We're supporting the water. I hope you came right. I'm told you, if you're not ready to receive, you should've just go on and get into the buffet line.

Speaker 3:7:29You beat everybody else there.

Speaker 4:7:32Maybe

Speaker 3:7:33listen to me. He comes walking on the very thing they were struggling with. Can. He said, I am. I am what? I am. Whatever you need me to be, because I'm about to speed up your process so you can reach that place you were designed to reach. The Bible says it is. I do not be afraid. Then they willingly received him into the boat and immediately the boat was that the land where they were going. You, you didn't, you didn't read that, did you? Okay, let me, let me give you a little bit, but still understanding the Sea of Galilee is eight miles wide. Scripture is not random. It specifically says that this moment they were almost four miles. You ever been halfway to something halfway and then you find wind blowing against you. You find yourself tired and weary. You're halfway point your promise, but you find yourself against resistance. You're halfway to something,

Speaker 5:8:58but the Bible says when you can get him, you and your boat. No, you didn't hear me. The Bible says immediately they went four miles away from their destination, but when he gets in your situation because of the acceleration of the annoying things in your life, you can't even argue. I don't care if you hate the Bible. You can't even argue with that.

Speaker 6:9:33You can't argue with immediate.

Speaker 5:9:40We accept the media and everything else, but when we get to the scriptures, we want it to be labor intensive and drawn out because we don't think we deserve him to get in our boat, to start with, let alone killing us a promotion to where wherever

Speaker 6:10:02y'all might just have to stand up all service. I hope you can't sit down and do they

Speaker 4:10:09cool.

Speaker 6:10:11Father Releasing annointing may our ears have had the capacity to not only here, but to process the depth of the word we're about to receive. Our Day of struggling, our day of weariness, our day of being halfway towards something is about to get an annoying thing of acceleration and Tomo Shock. Oh

Speaker 5:10:40Lord, I believe you're going to release some people today from the place that they are to where they are

Speaker 6:10:45designed to be. So release an anointing that makes preaching easy and hearing a great delight and over the next few moments of the time we have may we become confident of your promotion and your acceleration in our life and we'll give you glory and advance for what we're about to get because we're about to chew on the meat of it and it's going to fortify and strengthen our soul. In Jesus' name. Amen. Somebody give him praise for what you've got already.

Speaker 5:11:20No, I said give him praise for what you've got already cause somebody is to have to praise him. His keys to your place. Praise the Lord. You can be seated if you can.

Speaker 6:11:35Okay. And I don't know. I don't want to. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know if you can or not, but man, it's got all over my spirit because I need God to cut down on some intervals of time in my life.

Speaker 4:11:49Well,

Speaker 6:11:51I need his anointing too.

Speaker 3:11:54Accelerate things in my life. You know, it's amazing to me that we accept celebration as it relates to socially or culturally. Anybody got a phone booth? Can anybody point me to a phone booth?

Speaker 7:12:14No.

Speaker 3:12:16See, most of you don't even have a landline. See when? When I was a kid, we had a party line. All right. Let me just see who's in my age bracket. Millennials. Let me explain this to you. That was a time where you had a landline in your house. You would pick it up and it wasn't exclusive for you. There were multiple neighbors who could use the same line, so you might pick it up wanting to call your girlfriend, but your neighbor down the street, farmer Brown, he might've been calling the vet. You pick it up here. That conversation have to hang up because you couldn't use because it was already being occupied, which also means that was, you know, no privacy

Speaker 7:13:14course.

Speaker 3:13:18I remember when when we no longer had a party line and then we had an exclusive dedicated phone line. The. I don't know anything about that. See that was those things that they had those curly cords. There were about 25 feet long so you can answer the phone and still make Mac and cheese in the kitchen. Right? Come on ladies, help me because see, there was a time period where we didn't have that kind of technology, but see, we realized there's an advancement or an acceleration of technology in our society and culture and we don't fight that. Most of you don't have a landline anymore. Now you carry your cell phone and it's not in a bag. It's not like one of them briefcases that you've got nuclear codes and you know what I'm talking about. Most every one of you in this room have a cell phone that'll fit in your pocket. Why? Because there is an acceleration of knowledge and development. It's evolving right before us. There used to be a time where there was no internet. I know, but in 1990 when they released the Internet, most folk didn't even know what it was. It wasn't until the two thousands.

Speaker 3:14:40Oh, right. See, most of you are on facebook. Facebook wasn't created or released until 2004. No. Been on facebook a long time. You're like, oh yeah. It was created in. Oh, four. Not to mention skype and all these nap. Now. See, I can go over here and talk to Y'all about instagram snap chat, right, because you don't have this albatross of a machine setting in your, in your living room or on your desk no more. Y'all remember the computer. I mean it took four men in a moving truck to put that thing in the house and then you had a printer that had that paper there was in a box. See, they don't even know what I'm talking about because now we've advanced to where you have a computer in your hand. Why is that? Because we're willing to adapt to advancement and acceleration when it benefits us on a cultural or natural level. My problem is, and I don't mean to be offensive, but I'm just going to say it like I know it is. Why are we so mentally handicapped about a spiritual acceleration when we're willing to accept it readily on a natural or cultural level?

Speaker 3:16:21Does that make sense to you? Y'All will go and get a new device because it has a, a new technology. Some of you trading out your your iphone or your android because the new version comes out. Some of you I will hesitate to say, but some of you still have your flip phone. Like my daddy. My Dad says he works just fine. I can call out and they can call in. You Got One? No. Who's got one? There's somebody in here. Got a flip phone. I'm not pointing fingers. I'm. Oh, the Hep c. they're pointing fingers for you because they've been trying to tell you what. You're not used to upgrade. I know I didn't hear that. Not Lte. They told him about three g. see somebody don't know one time about. See will accept it. Anybody got one of those big old tvs? One of them like your computer takes for men to move or most of you have upgraded. Now you have a flat panel. You have a a, a TV that weighs about five pounds. Oh, so you're willing to have in your life

Speaker 5:17:50of acceleration as it relates to benefiting you. The problem is when we come to the Ministry of Christ in our life, we have a tendency to think that he wants to move slowly. Well, I do got to add and I asked for 16 years to get a breakthrough walk. You got to pay the dues because he's certainly wanting to punish you for something you did, but you done repetitive and you don't recall, so you're going to preach here because your adversary wants you to believe you're undeserving of a season of acceleration. Your adversary wants you to believe that you're undeserving, that for whatever reason you have been put on the do not receive line, so you are living halfway between where you started and where he commissioned to Taco and you found yourself in a boat with fellow compadres who believed the same thing. So you're all rolling against contrary opposition and your role in your little religious boat.

Speaker 6:19:15Well, pastor, that's what everybody says. That's because we never expected an intervention in the middle of our rowing

Speaker 5:19:25because we become so accustomed to being in the boat with likeminded people were all excited. I got likeminded people. Yeah, you got people rolling it are not going anywhere and most of you been in a church where you wrote and wrote and wrote and wrote and wrote some more and all you got was back spasms and all you got was blisters and all you got was frustrated because nobody prophesied that there was a decree coming of a season of acceleration that he was going to get into the midst of your boat to where he designed you to eat.

Speaker 6:20:00I'm going to be all right today. I don't know. She's the Bible prophesied in Daniel Twelve, four, that there would be an acceleration of knowledge. Daniel prophesied that long before there was what you and I understand this technology, there is going to be an acceleration in the land. The problem is the church has been so mentally handicapped and spiritually handicap to receive any kind of a decree we have. We have suffered because of it. So when I was reading this narrative of scripture, he began to to spark something in my spirit because when the Bible says that immediately the boat was on the land where they were going. It got a hold of me. He sped up their progress.

Speaker 3:20:50They'd been rowing, got halfway medicine, contrary oppositions, but when they recognize Jesus, see I thought maybe that's our problem. Maybe that's our problem. We're not looking for him to visit us where we are, we are going to punish ourselves with the labor of effort without seeing the supernatural come to us. So the Bible says that Jesus, he just fed the 5,000. It kind of had a moment of ministry. Okay? Just fed the 5,000. So that was a pretty good day. The disciples are going to Capernaum because that's where he said, go. It's an eight, eight mile trip. They find themselves halfway. Now the Bible says that it was dark. Now we're talking about professional fishermen. They know what it's like to be on the water. They were not novice, they were experienced and so they leave it dark. They're not in Tisha painting any kind of difficulty. Most of you didn't get saved, expecting difficulty.

Speaker 3:21:59Most of you expected there to be no difficulty because Christ is lord of your life. I get it. And then you start rowing toward destiny. And you find out that there is an adversary who does not want you to succeed. So you find yourself in difficult issue. Find yourself hindered. You find yourself in opposition. You find yourself rowing, but not making progress. We've all been there. Am I right about it? Come on, y'all can help me a little bit today. We've all been there and I know there are people in this room has got frustrated. So this is not fair. What's wrong with me? And everybody on the boat saying the same thing. And then the enemy condemns you, judges you and criticize you. And the Lord spoke to me. He said this, he said, if you're not moving, I can't accelerate you. So the very fact that they were at least moving, began to allow him to meet them in their effort.

Speaker 7:23:04Yeah.

Speaker 3:23:06So we can judge them for being halfway and not be hauled away, but at least they were doing something so that he could accelerate what they were doing because it's difficult for him to accelerate what? Don't want to move. So my fault was this. If we can acknowledge him getting to us or we can acknowledge him being close enough to us, we'll never let him in the boat. The acceleration never happened until he got into the boat. You didn't hear me. The acceleration did not happen until he got Galilean leg inside the boat because the Bible says that once he got in the, then they were there. Well, that must have been a typo. Pastor. No. Immediate means immediate. Immediate means suddenly immediate. Suddenly now, now, now those his leg in the boat. How'd he do that? How did he do that? How could he reallys and acceleration? Because he's never been limited by time. He's not restricted by time because he was the creator of time. Why did they create time? He created time so that you can judge whether you're doing it right or wrong. Nah, so time. It's not a limitation to Christ. It's only a limitation to you.

Speaker 3:24:51So when he gets in the boat, he's able to exceed what time would restrict because he has no restrictions to the limitations of time because he's outside of time and when he steps into what he has time, he can move what's in time out of time. That's why one of these days I'm going to step out of my lifetime into eternity time. Oh, I guess that won't be suddenly either because Paul said to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. Why? Because he's going to accelerate my season. That's what the rapture. The church. Yes. It's the twinkling of an eye. Why? Because he's on to operate in a season of acceleration. Why? Because the Bible said, will be in the field. One will be taken. How can that be? Because he's able to operate an accelerate because he's outside of time and he can pull me outside of that too. That's what the rapture is. You're going to pull me out of time. Are you here? Are you all thinking? You're like, I'd ever thought about that. The Bible said, the dead in Christ shall rise when? When there's a sound, this summons them. What's going to so much the dead in Christ to rise a trumpet sound, a decoration, a decree that has been laying, dad

Speaker 3:26:22is about to have a season of acceleration because the data in Christ are coming out of the grave. They're going to meet their goal to fight body, and the Bible says, those of us that remain there ain't nobody in here that might be alive when Jesus. I don't guess. No, I guess. No, I guess. No, I guess no, but some of are. I'm just looking for somebody who wants to go, Huh? I just want somebody that knows when the trumpet sounds. You know what that is? That's a season of acceleration because what has restricted you by time. He said, I'm going to pull you out of that. Why? Because he has to mean you to do so. If he has the dominion to walk outside of time and put us in a place of acceleration, then why are you not asking him to accelerate your life? Why are you not asking him to accelerate your provision? Why are you not external? Where is the excitement that we should have about an acceleration of a cease y'all? All right. I'm going to establish something right here real quick. You and I serve a god of acceleration so I can anticipate a season of acceleration. The problem is I've got to get past the limitations that hinder me from being accelerated.

Speaker 3:27:52Y'All ready? Some of you take notes. If you do, you might want to write a couple of these down.

Speaker 7:27:56Okay.

Speaker 3:28:02How many's ever felt like there's been tormentors released in your life? Okay, good. Because the season of acceleration does not require permission from your tormentors. Oh, okay. Let me call my first witness. I will call Elijah the Prophet of God. So when Elijah, tell me how it works for you. He said, well, I prayed fire down. Tremendous victory for God. Answered my prayer. Fire came from heaven and consumed the burnt offering and all the water and all the prophets of Bale were slade. Tell me more Mr Elijah. Well, it was after that tremendous victory that I heard that Jaza bell wanted to kill me and I was so alarmed by her torment that I ran a day's journey, left all of my helpers behind, and I found myself under a juniper tree wanting to give up on life because the voice of a tormentor will make you question your destiny, but tormenting spirit will cause you to question whether God will ever use you again. Are tormenting spirit will want you to set underneath a tree, isolated in an abandoned feeling as if you have no future. The threats

Speaker 6:29:44have a tournament in spirit,

Speaker 5:29:46but the Bible says that while he was under the juniper tree and saying that God just kill me.

Speaker 6:29:52God, I don't want to live anymore. That God sent an angel out of heaven. Met Him under his juniper tree, brought him a whole cake and some sweet tea, cornbread and milk.

Speaker 7:30:13Hmm. Hmm.

Speaker 6:30:17I'm just telling you like it was now. What'd you think? Manner was. Nevermind here. So the angel comes and visits, right? You've read the story. The Angel comes and visits. He's sitting under the tree dealing with the tormenting spirit of a Jessica Bell,

Speaker 5:30:36not believing he could ever be accelerated past where he was, but when the angel arrives and feed him, he says, that's a wonderful to eat, but it goes back to sleep and God for the second time. Thank God he never gives up on you. The first time it comes back with a second visitation. Visitation says, you need to eat for the journey I have for you is extensive, and at that moment the Bible says something quickens within the profit spirit and it gets up under the mandated word of God and for the next 40 days there's a spirit of acceleration. There's a season of acceleration. Why? Because it goes and anoint the next king and he says, you're anointed to tully. And then he goes and finds his successor named a light shot and he puts an anointing on the man. I've called and said, the next generation's coming. I'm telling you right now, whatever's been tormenting you in it's word from God and there an acceleration coming. Whatever's been tormenting you. It's not gonna. Keep you. You're not gonna die halfway. Here's your key. You've got to look for your encounter.

Speaker 7:31:53Cool.

Speaker 6:31:54Touch your neighbor and say, you got to look for it. Oh, you got to be looking for. Woo. Did they might be my day tournament had been telling me all we come abandoned and good for nothing, but today my. I'm looking for my I. Huh? Those disciples were able to acknowledge that Jesus was coming. When they acknowledged he was coming, they could welcome him in. When they welcomed him, him, guess what? They had a season of acceleration. When Elijah the Prophet was able to accept the word of the Lord from the angel. He had a season of acceleration that released the next 40 days of his life under a powerful. It starts with Norton kings and and an upcoming prophets, and he begins to fulfill this mandate. What about Joseph Bell? She can't stop the season of acceleration. Jezza Belkin threatened, but she can't stop what God has intended.

Speaker 5:33:08The winds can blow and the voice can speak, but it shall not stop the acceleration of God. I'm telling you right now, there's an acceleration coming right in the midst of your tour, man, right in the midst of the voice of your adversary, right in the midst of your hopelessness, right in the moment where you're thinking, not ever going to do what God said. Dude,

Speaker 6:33:35thank you Elijah, for coming today and testify. I'd like to call my next witness. His name is Moses, because see some of you had dreams. For whatever reason you've tie, so I'm going to use Moses today to tell you about an acceleration in the midst of what feels like a dead dream, because you know that when Moses was born, his mother saw potential in him so much so she wanted to spare his life. He grew up under the privilege spoon a pharaoh. Everybody say, well, that doesn't have anything to do with feeling abandoned or losing a dream. He spent 40 years on the back side of the wilderness, tending to sheep as a shepherd for 40 years. He served for 40 years. He walked around taking care of someone else's livestock for 40 years. You thought about, I wonder what God had planned for me for 40 years. He said, you know, I had some dreams. I thought I'd make a difference. I thought my life wouldn't matter, but now I'm just here and nobody even knows where I hit him and nobody even seems to care what I do. And then you heard the whisper in his ear

Speaker 6:35:16because at this point in Moses, his life, he's now 80 years old, an 80 year old man who's been forgotten in the 80 year old man who feels like his dreams are old.

Speaker 7:35:32Hmm.

Speaker 5:35:34Pin One day,

Speaker 6:35:37just any day,

Speaker 5:35:38but a day you walked by a Bush that he's walked by before. Only this is a different kind of thing because the bus, the bush consumes with fire. Somebody say that, I'll get your attention, but it was just the attraction to the voice cause voice is always released. Movement and out of the Bush comes the voice of God and God speaks to somebody who thought that he'd been abandoned, that his dreams, his see his success was surely everyone had forgot him, but God.

Speaker 6:36:30And how did that bullish comes? The Voice of God says, boy, you got to take your shoes off because you are standing on holy ground right here. So, and how did that Bush that Bush comes, the voice of God says to him, you're going to go to pharaoh and you're going to decree with your mouth. Let my people go. So Pastor, I don't understand. For 40 years, he kept moving. For 40 years he didn't die. Even in his old age, he kept moving to the best of his ability until he recognized a voice. And at that moment God begins to shift him

Speaker 5:37:31to a season of acceleration because he goes from tending the sheep. The next thing you know, he's standing before Pharaoh to the people of God. And Pharaoh has all control. Until a man who was in a season of acceleration, he comes before him. The what do you mean the I am sent you the one who didn't forget about me when I was hitting in the wilderness, who saw me tending to the needs of the sheep. Oh they, I am. Some of you in this room feel like he's forgot you, the been lost on the back side, the season of acceleration is your ability to acknowledge that he can speak to you out of something you never thought it could speak to you.

Speaker 6:38:46Are you here today? What I'm saying to you is is if you can't acknowledge him, you won't be able to accept the anointing. The anointing of acceleration. Am I boring him because most of us don't believe in acceleration because the tormentors told us we don't deserve to be accelerated or we feel as if we'd been abandoned and forgotten in our dreams are dead and we own the backside of nowhere, and yet God says, I know exactly where you are. Maybe you're one of those that can identify with my next guest. You might know him. Bible calls him Jonah, Joe and I can relate to because there's been a lot of times in my life I've been hesitant to do what God said. Do are you here?

Speaker 5:39:52I knew he told me to do it, but I just didn't want to. I know he told me to go, but I didn't want to go. I know he said, but I didn't want to see. There's some of you in here that are that are struggling because you've been hesitant. Jonah was hesitant. Watson, t because God wanted him to go to Nineveh and preach. Jonah jumps on a boat. I'm going the opposite direction. He's like, God, catch me if you can, and he will. He'll catch you. You can run head long the other way. God is so important about having a season of of acceleration in your life. He'll cost the people you think will come to pass you off. That threw him off. Walk the plank. Your the problem. Your disobedience is affecting us, so you're getting off our boat now. Jonah,

Speaker 6:41:00are you here?

Speaker 5:41:02Jonah hits the water splat.

Speaker 6:41:10He's about to have a season of acceleration. Huh? Because the way or didn't consume him to eat him. The whale consumed him to preserve him. Nobody says, well, God sent that whale to consume him. No, he didn't choose the whale to consuming. He choose the whale because he needed a be gay bill. To get him to a season of acceleration, which means he needed to be able to preserve them so that when it was time to release him into a season, he could vomit him on the shoreline where he needed him.

Speaker 5:41:45Oh, you don't think you've gotten intentional? Oh, you can procrastinate all you want. You could drag your little spiritual feet all you want and God says, I'm going to introduce you to my ability to get you where I intended to to be. You may think you can be hesitant and rebellious and God says they'll follow you off the boat and I'll still pick you up.

Speaker 6:42:06Huh? There was uber before we knew what Uber was.

Speaker 7:42:11Huh?

Speaker 6:42:12You know? That's right. God goes, I need a whale asap.

Speaker 7:42:19Yeah.

Speaker 6:42:21Are you here? Picks him up. Swallows him

Speaker 5:42:27three days.

Speaker 6:42:29It's not going to take me three days to accept my season of acceleration. Not that net. No. Never been in a whale's belly, but I'm not planning on going anytime soon. No, thank you. That can not be a Hilton.

Speaker 5:42:43Three days,

Speaker 6:42:45three days.

Speaker 5:42:47Finally, he acknowledges what just like Moses had to acknowledge, just like Elijah had to acknowledge, just like the disciples had to acknowledge when you can acknowledge the encounter of the I am and except here's except his presence there, then he can accelerate

Speaker 6:43:07Chelsea's because Jonah goes, okay, you win. I don't like men. Have a I don't like the people I don't really want to, but I'll surrender and as soon as he said off, surrender the whale under holy ghost. GPS coordinates, vomits him out on the shoreline of men have a right word. God wanted him. Are you here? His season of acceleration began when he acknowledged the I am. God vomits him out. I know that's not maybe polite, but that's what happened. The whale carries him up to the shoreline releases, you know he comes out of that nasty place. The city of Nineveh has one of the greatest revivals that's ever been recorded in scripture because a man named Jonah who was hesitant like us, who thought I can outrun God, still had a season of acceleration because even in the place that was the loneliest and the nasty, as he was able to acknowledge something had taken him captive, and once you can acknowledge he is where you are and where you need him to be, he said, then I can accelerate your season and I can release something.

Speaker 7:44:31Okay, so

Speaker 6:44:32you must be getting tired. I got three collapse and rest of your asleep. I guess I'll just quit because I'm not going to preach to hope no one here. I'm already doing it. I'm not doing it. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Speaker 5:44:44You dispute. Go ahead and set up under your juniper tree and cry about life.

Speaker 6:44:50The rest of us,

Speaker 5:44:52we're not going to listen to no lie and no one listened to the voice of what we're looking for. Our season of acceleration. You sit there and die if you want. The rest of us were about to anoint a nation under some new leadership and release the prophetic in the world. Oh No, no, no, no, no, no. You just sit there like you've got a good religious not on your shoulder. The rest of us are going to be like Moses. We're looking for a burning fire to release, so the weekend carry out and annoyed tank for the weekend, prophesied come out, come out, come out the church.

Speaker 6:45:36It's silent because the tormentors have isolated us. The feeling of missing our season like Moses has isolated and abandoned us to a place where we show up on Sunday and don't believe it'll change anybody. I don't believe that I come in here to fight for your future too, where you see some acceleration in your life. You may say, well, pastor, I've been running from God. What are you about done? Come on. Somebody. Come on somebody. I mean you don't mean God. I've been running. Are you about done with it? He'll pick you up. Accelerate your season so that somebody else can benefit from what he wants to do through you. Can I call another witness? I'm going to wear the all like it or not. His name is Joseph. You may know of Joseph because he had some very malicious brothers. Quite hateful. It's amazing to me how hateful family can become. Y'All got family like that. I know they don't want you to succeed. They don't want you to have happiness. They don't want you to prosper. They don't want anything in it, so they'll do whatever they can to make sure you don't get ahead. Joseph had brothers and like that. He had family like that because the Bible says that he had a coat, that his daddy gave him a coat of many colors.

Speaker 6:47:08Joseph had a little problem with bragging that didn't sit real well with his brothers because he said, look, on these days boys, the dreams I'm having, you're going to bow down to me. I didn't sit real well with the siblings, so the first chance they had the Bible says that they beat him, threw him in a pit and sold into slavery.

Speaker 7:47:30Hmm.

Speaker 6:47:32Family gotTa Love Them. Uh Huh. Uh Huh. Joseph falsely accused, incarcerated. Now he's got a felony record. He's like, Moses, you know what I'm least likely to succeed. Moses with a felon too. You know he murdered them in cold blood. Here's Joseph. Falsely accused by a woman incarcerated because of it, spends 14 years wearing the garments of a prisoner and every time he thought he was going to get released, every time he thought he was on his way out of his incarceration, every time he thought things were about to change for him, he was like those disciples, row, row, row your boat, not making any progress. I'm stuck because of the adversities of the wind. Every time Joseph thought he was coming out, David, he found himself. Somebody else got out and he got stuck. Except one day somebody say, one day, that's all it takes. It only takes one day. One day, one day, one day he can meet you under a juniper tree. One day he can have a burning Bush to accelerate your season. One day he can get away on to pick you up. One day. Say we live like we got to wait for something. I'm looking for my. One day I'm looking for, I'm looking for my immediate, my son and my

Speaker 6:49:13so Joseph has a one day encounter where he has on prison garments, but because his gift cannot be incarcerated,

Speaker 6:49:26the Bible says that one day he was a prisoner and the next day he has a garment of rulership. He's exalted and elevated to a second in command. How can that be true? Because when the I am visit you and tells you he's going to do something for you. There's a time coming. It's coming to pass and you may be forgotten. You may be in the bottom of the prison. You may still have the garment of your failure on, but I got news for you. When the season of acceleration comes that day, it doesn't matter what you've done. Doesn't matter where you've been. Doesn't matter who talked about you. It doesn't matter who said it doesn't matter who's criticized, doesn't matter who lied on you matter not matter who walked out. I wish I had somebody matter who walked out on you. Doesn't matter who thought she could have it because your garbage. Because the season of acceleration,

Speaker 5:50:29this book is a book that encourages and an zoo on. It's just a fable, but for me it's my new season. It's my season of acceleration. It's my word from God.

Speaker 6:50:45So yeah. But those are just old testament scriptures.

Speaker 5:50:50Peter,

Speaker 6:50:52come here. Tell me the story about you fishing all night and kitchen. Nothing.

Speaker 7:51:03Yeah.

Speaker 6:51:05And Peter would say, well, you know, I'm a pretty good fisherman. Made a pretty good living. We were in the fortune 509. We were pretty successful. We'd made a pretty good living at this. So we would. We were serving the law following the Lord Canada, but, but you know, we still had to have some money. So I was still fishing. We fished all night, didn't catch nothing. And would you believe that Galilean carpenter son showed up on the shore? He said, Peter, what are you doing? I said, well, we've been fishing, but we cleaned not the nets because we didn't catch nothing has been a tough day. You know, some days you catch him, some days you don't. And Jesus said, how about if you cast out over there? And throw your nets on the other side of the boat. See if you can't recognize the I am. You'll never have a season of acceleration. If you can't recognize him and the burning Bush, you'll never have a season of acceleration if you can never acknowledged him underneath that juniper tree. When you want to die and you can't accept the fact that he would send an angel just for you, you'll never have a season of acceleration. So you have to be able to acknowledge his presence in the place where you least expect him.

Speaker 6:52:33You got to be able to expect that he won't show up in the midst of euro and against contrary winds. If you

Speaker 5:52:39can accept or acknowledge him coming to where you are, you'll stay. Theater acknowledges the IAM, walks up the carpenter, watts. He know about fish in any way.

Speaker 6:52:53What Peter said, he said at your word, I will do it. The Bible says this. Peter launches out, throws his nets over instantly, immediately, and suddenly he has a season of acceleration because the Bible says they start pulling in the nets and they're full. They're ripping. In fact, he's got to get another boat. See, my season of acceleration doesn't come with a little dabble do it, comes with overflow and it comes excessive.

Speaker 5:53:26When your season of acceleration begins to release, he said, I'm going to do it abundantly above what you can say. I'm going to do it, but you can say I'm going to do it because I can step outside of what limits you and do for you what you didn't even think you deserved. Come on somebody. You want to think about that and get excited because css, the I am told me to do it, and then I've got all these fish.

Speaker 6:53:51Why? Because Peter was able to acknowledge a voice in the midst of a man and his obedience released a season of it, of acceleration. Do you understand what I'm saying today? This is a whole lot of preaching for two points. I've said a lot. Here's what I want you to hear. If you're moving towards something, keep moving toward it. I'm moving toward my destiny. Every sermon I preach, y'all been with me a long time, probably longer than anybody wouldn't. Marsha, 19 years. I got time to rock a boat. Yeah, but what about my enemy? I got time to talk about my enemy. I'm talking about the I am. Who's headed my way. Some of you need to get your confidence back. The I am is headed your way. You'll one day away from your acceleration. You'll one day away from your promotion. You'll one day away, your one phone call away. You'll want

Speaker 5:55:06opportunity away. You say, well, I don't know that I deserve survey. Stop thinking lack. You'll victimize. Start thinking like you're in a place in a posture where you're ready to receive because I got news for you. There are some times you're not good enough. There's not enough in you. That's good enough. He'll do it cause he's vested in your future. Hallelujah. My season's coming, coming, coming. My acceleration is coming. I know, I know. I can hear it in the spirit. There's an enemy going. You don't deserve it. You don't deserve it. You don't deserve it. You're not good enough. You've failed. You've made too many mistakes. Hey, what about Jonah?

Speaker 7:55:55Okay,

Speaker 5:55:56what about Moses? He was a felon on the rock. What about God could do it for them? Then God can accelerate my season. Come on, y'all stand with me all across this room. Come on. Stand with me now. While your standard, somebody give God a shout, lock you up out to see an acceleration. Hello. You just remain standing.

Speaker 6:56:23Just remain standing. Listen to me for a moment. Just. All right. It's not enough to decree my season of acceleration. If you don't know how to accept it, you want to hold it goes. Stood out to me. Two weeks ago, we made the first decree, right? We need to create a season of acceleration. You were decreeing it, but you didn't know that. So the Holy Ghost got ahold of me. He said, look, you can't decrease something if you don't teach them something. I'm going to. Yes sir. I do not argue. Not Anymore. I haven't been doing this too long to argue with him. He wins. I didn't want to start another church seven years ago. I said, I'm done. My apostolic anointing is over. Oh, I argued. I said, no sir. We're not planting a church. I'm done apostolically planting churches. I'm tired. I'm weary, I'm frustrated, I want a juniper tree. I'm sick of listening to that Nag and Jessica Bell. I just given to her and die and then at 1145 in the month of March, in 2011, it wasn't a juniper tree. It was my parents' guest bedroom because I was like, Joan, I'd run away and leading. My wife didn't leave my kids. I just needed some space, couldn't think,

Speaker 6:57:54didn't know what to do possible about to go to work, selling motorcycles line. I had the job, I had the job. I'd already done my drug test and passed. I just threw that in there, resigned my pastorate does. Jeff said I retire. Been Preaching this Gospel for 23 years. At that time I said, I figured that's long enough. I get a watch out of it or something. I'm done. I'm finished. I was. I was finished. I was burned out. I was getting too old. My season was over apostolically everything. I believe God had put in my spirit. I was willing to abort and 1145 in the month of March of 2011, the Holy Ghost came into that bedroom. My Bible was sitting on my lap. I was sitting up in the bed and I had my bible there and I began to read the second chapter of acts. It's kind of interesting because if you read the book of acts, the Bible uses the word. They were in the upper room praying and then suddenly, sure, y'all know y'all like what? Suddenly there was the sound of the rushing of who

Speaker 5:59:27they went into the upper room. They been there under obedience, but you know, after about nine and a half days of waiting,

Speaker 4:59:37Huh?

Speaker 6:59:40Began to wonder, and then the Bible says that suddenly, immediately that was the sound of the rushing of wind and they were filled with the holy ghost. Why? What happened? It became a season of acceleration. Well, I'm reading and I get over into the second chapter and I'll read verses 42 through 47. I'd read the whole chapter, but when I got to 42, 47, the holy ghost says, now look, I'm going to show you something. So you said the heat until the Apostle's doctrine. He said, that's discipleship. He said they broke bread together and they worship. Got It. So that means they disciple discipleship. They fellowship and they worship.

Speaker 4:60:29Hmm.

Speaker 5:60:31You said then they sold the scripture says I sold all that they had

Speaker 6:60:35and gave it to those that were in need. That was outreach.

Speaker 5:60:41Penny said. Then there was the release of the miraculous from the hands of the apostles

Speaker 6:60:46miracles.

Speaker 5:60:48He said, that's the DNA of what I'm going to ask you to start.

Speaker 6:60:54He said, that's fine. I know because you know like five stones is a silly meme. I agreed and I told him something. I'm going to cut on this. I said, God, that's the silliest thing I've ever heard. Five stones. Look, you don't have to believe it because you weren't there, but look around the room. That wasn't the acceleration. Every service I walk in here, I said, God, is this the day that we see the acceleration? Because the last part of verse 47 of acts two says this, it says, and the Lord added under the church daily as was saved.

Speaker 5:61:54Did they disciple? Yes. Were they fellowshipping? Yes. Where they worshiping? Yes. Were they reaching out? Yes. What's their miracles? Yes, but the acceleration was the communication of the Gospel to where the Malter to tor saved. So I want you to hear me clearly today. I'm not standing here believing we have, uh, received at all.

Speaker 6:62:19I'm here saying,

Speaker 7:62:21my season of acceleration,

Speaker 6:62:25your season of acceleration, it's coming because he hadn't finished doing what he said he was going to do since March of 2011. And I can hear the tormentors voice of Jessebelle telling you you don't deserve it. God forgot you. You've done too much wrong. You've hesitated. You've missed it. I'm talking to people in this room today because that's the voice I heard. That's the voice I heard. The voice that said, you're too old. You're too old to do this again. It's too much for you. You just need to stay on the backside of the wilderness and tend to somebody sheep. I don't need you,

Speaker 7:63:17but I'm here

Speaker 6:63:21because there's times and moments where God will release himself so tangibly to you. Video, you will acknowledge him. You'll step into your boat and when he puts his leg in your boat, what was once working against you will begin to work for you. The window was against you, is going to be the wind that instantly moves you from where you are to where he exactly positioned in planned you to be the thing you were doing faithfully and rowing. He said, you're not going to have to row this next half. He said, I saw your labor. I saw your work, Moses. Forty years she was out there doing it. I don't need you to put your hand on the sheep anymore. I need you to prophesied. I need you to speak. I need you to release the work. Are you in this building today? Your season of acceleration? Somebody's got a bible. Somebody got a phone with. Got a Bible on it. Well, if I tell you to go to the book of Amos, somebody ain't gonna, find it. Somebody better pull the computer out, called your phone. Pull up, Amos nine. Come on. We just going to be the holy ghost. A minute. All right. The scripture just came to my mind. Acts Nine, verse 13. Amos, I'm sorry, Amos. What? I say.

Speaker 7:65:05Oh,

Speaker 6:65:06go with wherever you got it. Amos nine. 13. So what happens when you find it? First,

Speaker 3:65:16Amos nine, 13 effect. You can read 14 or 15 if you'd like.

Speaker 4:65:21Okay.

Speaker 8:65:21Behold, the days are coming, says the Lord. When the plug man show overtake the reaper and the treader of grapes, him who sow seeds, the mountain shall Europe was sweet wine and all the hills shall flow within it. I will bring back the captives of my people Israel. They shall build the waste cities and inhabit them. They shall plant vineyards and drink wine from them. They should also make gardens and eat fruit from them. I will plant them in their land and no longer shall they be pulled up from the land I have given the from the land I have given them. Says the Lord, your God.

Speaker 3:65:57Follow me with Amos. Prophesied that Israel was going to recover, that their season of harvest when they would be planting and harvesting, they would begin to begin to to to overtake each other.

Speaker 5:66:14In 1967, one day, todd fulfilled his promise in one day and Israel became an identifiable in this land. Now God prophesied it. It only took one day. Just say, yeah, but in a way, all those years of waiting. Yeah, but the acceleration in their season came when somebody did creed, you are what God already said. You were

Speaker 3:66:47alright y'all, y'all, y'all ready? Somebody's going to shout now because I got another one. GotTa. Love the Holy Ghost. Guys. I'm telling you, you to start downloading stuff. Here's what the Holy Ghost just gave me. He said, when Jesus released his first miracle, it was a season of acceleration because he's at a wedding and his mother says to him, look, there are out of wine.

Speaker 5:67:16And Jesus says, Mama, my day nor our has not come in. Marin looked at him like have her mother looks at her son and said, boy, I told you they ran out of wine. Which is an embarrassment. So Jesus says to his servants, go fill those pots up with water. You can't. You can't deny a season of acceleration course. They put water in the vessel.

Speaker 4:67:51Okay?

Speaker 5:67:51But when the master of the ceremony talk, the first drink, he said, this is the best one. You saved the best for last. Why? Because Jesus can take water and he don't need a process of time. What you been waiting on, it's been equated through time,

Speaker 6:68:26so you will deny his involvement because you are accustomed to living by the restrictions of time. When did the water become wine and how do you turn water into wine without a process of fermentation? Better yet, even if it wasn't made it. How do you get water to turn into grape juice? I'm just going to tell it like this. When you understand the I am, then you understand the season of acceleration does not require time. That's why the rapture is going to be so glorious,

Speaker 4:69:10Huh?

Speaker 6:69:12That's why the rapture so glorious because it exceeds what we're limited by. Through the carnal, in the twinkling of an eye. In the flash of lightening the word said, gone, where did they go? They're gone. How could that be so well? It was called a season of acceleration. Why? Because the god that I serve and you serve is not limited by time. I'm not going to pray prayers that build time restraints in them, so when you come down here asking you to get saved, I'm not going to ask God to save you in three years when you're good enough, may you be safe. When you get your act together, make you be saved. When you stopped doing stupid stuff, you can be saved.

Speaker 5:70:20No, the Bible says, when you confess with your mouth, okay, let me go gospel on you. When you acknowledge Jesus Christ is the I am, you go from filthy, wretched, miserable to save clean. Why? Because there is a season of acceleration. See, you can accept seasons of acceleration when you get saved, right? When we, when we open the altars and people get saved around here, we believe they're safe. When now, immediately, suddenly.

Speaker 6:71:00Then why? When we pray for the sick, do you build in a buffer? Well, maybe it's not the will of the look. Okay. Is it as well to save? Yes. When? Immediately.

Speaker 2:71:18So when you come down here and you need a healing in your body, do you want me to pray that you have to go through 50 surgeries and recovery and rehab or do you want me to pray? Now?

Speaker 6:71:37I'm just being. I'm just. I see we have such a faulty thought pattern that we have adopted through religion that it has absolutely handicapped and stifled the supernatural of God. So we decree a season of, of, of acceleration. Now to have a season of acceleration. I got to keep rowing when ain't nobody watching. I got to keep serving when ain't nobody watching. I got to keep believing when they nobody believe in with me. Huh?

Speaker 2:72:08I got to keep believing when everybody said it ain't working

Speaker 6:72:15and when he comes,

Speaker 2:72:17I've got to acknowledge that he is coming where I am and if I can acknowledge he's coming than are welcomed him into the situation I'm in. So when he gets in my boat, when he gets in my life, when he goes from just being a voice in a Bush, to being the voice within me, when he goes from being a voice of dreams to being the manifestation than I see my acceleration.

Speaker 6:72:46Did I do a job of teaching it? Okay, so now it's up to you. It's up to you. It's up to you. I'm gonna. Keep preaching till my season of acceleration, but I'm looking for the I am to come in. Are you looking for him to visit you where you are? Have you shut down the voice of the tournament? Have you shut down your Jessica Bell Voices? Have you shut down your family that tells you you're crazy for going to that kind of church. I know how they talk to you. You might not go over there. You sure you might not better find you a better place to go to church. You might not want to go over there then for crazy

Speaker 4:73:42will.

Speaker 2:73:43You can spend the rest of your life on the backside of nowhere. Some of us are looking for our Bush to burn and a voice to come. Some of us are looking, even though we'd been hesitant, I'm still welcoming my way because he gonna put me right at the right place. You know what's beautiful about the story we read today is the disciples were headed toward Capernaum. Where did Jesus get them to? The very exact police.

Speaker 6:74:06He'll get you to where he promised you'd go. That's why this morning before I came out the dressing room in there, I said, Lord, is today my day?

Speaker 4:74:16Okay,

Speaker 6:74:18is today. My Day is today. The day go. See. If you look at natural things, you go, well, it must not be the day since. When did the natural have bearing over my season? Yeah, but it doesn't look like it. Get your eyes off of what you see in the natural. If you look at the natural, you're going to see those that are around you are tired and you're going to see when you're going to see obstacles, you're going to see hindrances. Get your eyes off of that. Who Do you see past your problem? Who Do you see walking towards you? Huh? Who Do you see coming your way? See, in my mind's eye, I see him coming right where I am. He knows where I am at 13, 58, six is road

Speaker 2:75:02in canton, Georgia. He knows where I am in this auditorium. He knows where I am in my life. He knows the season that he's promised me. He knows the word he gave me seven years ago. He knows what he gave me and I'm waiting for my season of acceleration. So today, excuse me while I praise him because I'm going to praise him because I believe he's coming and when it comes he's going to accelerate my season.

Speaker 4:75:26Come on. Good.

Speaker 2:75:57Come on church. I want you to fill this altar with me today. We're going to leave from down here, but we're going to worship him because I believe our season of acceleration is coming. Come on, don't be bashful. Come on, come on, press on and come on down. Come on. We all rowing together. Come on, come on, Phil. On in, guys. Come on, come on, come on. Come on. Come on. Come on. Come on, come on. We'll do it again.

Speaker 3:77:24Believe

Speaker 4:77:56really

Speaker 3:78:46how many believe for a season of acceleration in your life, I can't make you believe for it. I just tried to substantiate through the scriptures that there are those who had seasons of acceleration. You can want it. Those that want it will receive it. Those that deny it or live in lacking. That's not my fault. You live based on the consequences of your faith or your unbelief. Had those disciples refused to let Jesus in the boat. Can I tell you what he would have done? Because he said to them, don't fear why? Because he knew that he had caught them off guard. Had they denied him, had fear and unbelief spoken from that boat, Jesus will let them kept rolling and walked right on by. It wasn't an obligation for him to get into the boat. It was an invitation. You did not hear what I said. It was not an obligation for him to get into the boat. It's an invitation. I'm not going to think he's obligated

Speaker 6:80:08to help me. I'm going to invite him to help me, man. I just said something right there and about a third of you didn't hear a word I just said, because you think he's obligated to help you because he's God. He's, he's got a covenant to save you, but I had to invite him. Am I right about that? He's got a covenant to heal me, but I got to invite it, my blessings, my provision this not because he wants to restrict them from me. I've got to invite them. I've got to acknowledge them. I've got to accept them. We're going to pray. Now, if you're in this room and you're not saved, guess what? Today, immediately, suddenly and now you can have your life radically transformed by the power and the grace of Jesus Christ. If you're in this room today and Jesus Christ is not the Lord of your life, you're not sure where you'd spend eternity. You're not sure how your life would end up. I challenge you right now to think about it seriously and honestly.

Speaker 6:81:15You say, yeah, but I've done so much wrong. Kenny, forgive me. Yeah, you're in a room full of misfits and a room full of mistakes. You in a room full of folks that had been disqualified. The only reason we're standing here today given him any kind of praises because we didn't deserve to be saved, but he did it because we invited him. La Lou, you, Lord, I thank you for saving me. Every head bowed and every eye closed before we pray, if you're in this room, you say, pastor, I want you to pray with me before we leave today because I do not want to leave this room. I'm not sure of my attorney to throw your hand up real quickly all across this room. If you're not sure you want to be prayed for before you go and you say, I don't want to be embarrassed.

Speaker 6:81:55I'm not embarrassing. I'm just want you to know. Come on. Anybody real quick, quick, quick, quick, quick. I'm going to give the invitation. I can't make you choose. You've got to make your mind up. Young Lady, you got to make your mind up, sir. You got to make your mind up. Fifteen seconds, make your mind up and then throw your hand up so I can see it real quick so I know who I'm praying with. Real quickly, quickly, quickly, quickly, quickly, come on, do that close. I can feel you. Come on, you're that close. Your heart's about to beat out of your chest. Why? Because the spirit of the Lord is about to do a work in your life. Don't, don't, don't, don't miss your moment. Don't miss your moment. Don't miss your moment. Don't miss your moment. So, but I don't know if you'll accept me. Honey, he's already accepted you. Maybe he don't. He knows what you've done wrong. You ain't got to tell him. He said, just repent of it. So just give it to me. I'll take care of it. So yeah, but there's some stuff my family don't know. He said, I am family. I know everything

Speaker 6:82:45quickly, quickly, quickly, quickly. I'm waiting. Just I can't help it can help it. Throw your hand up. Hunting real quick, Lord Jesus, Lord Jesus, be merciful and gracious right now. Don't miss your window. Don't miss your window. Don't miss your window. She called Holy Ghost. I thank you father, we thank you and praise you. We can stand in this room. Thank you for never giving up on us. Never abandoning us, never walking away, forsaken us. I thank you, but Lord, we're ready to decree a season of acceleration, a season that propels us beyond where we are, a season that puts us at a place where you have decreed and declared we be today. I opened myself totally to you, Lauren. I want to see you in the midst of my pain. I want to see you in the midst of my problems. I want to see you in the midst of my opposition. I want to be able to acknowledge you and what seems to be hindering me because I believe that if I can acknowledge you and welcome you into it, you are going to release an annoying thing in my life that's going to accelerate me beyond the torments of Isabel

Speaker 2:84:18that's going to release an anointing in my life that propels me from the back side of a wilderness to the courts of my favorite role that I might decree to a nation. Let my people go, Lord, if I can acknowledge you, even though I've hesitated, even though I've disobeyed, even though I've rebelled, even though I didn't want to be where I was designed to be high, believe you've got a plan to pick us up and to carry us to that very place that we might be a voice that is releasing the prophetic so that there is an entire revival that shakes the foundations of the word world.

Speaker 6:85:02Lord, don't let us miss your interventions in our life. Don't let us miss you in the midst of what we're going through because you are the annointing of acceleration. You are going to propel us forward to design places. Lord, I don't want to miss you. Don't want to miss your voice. I don't want to miss anything in the days ahead. Help me to see you in it every, every day. Just feel really strongly to tell somebody he knows where you are. You may be halfway across the lake. He said, I know where you are. You may be tired and weary and worn out. He said, I know where you are. I know where are.

Speaker 3:86:05I know where you're at and know what you're struggling with. I know what you're feeling. I know what you're thinking. I know what Jessebelle said. I know what the tournament or is said. I hear the threats against you, man. The Holy Ghost is in here. I said, the Holy Ghost is in here right now. I'm telling you, there's some of you in this room that said, I don't think he knows where I am. Oh, he knows exactly where you are, honey. Yes, sir. He knows where you are. He knows your limiting thoughts. He knows what you're struggling with. He understands for one of you in this room, he feels your pain of abandonment, so those that are struggling with family dynamics where you feel that they had been maliciously attacking you. He said, I hear him. Their wives do not create your destiny. There are attacks may profit for a season, but I'm about to bring you out of every malicious attack in every trial and every place where you have felt incarcerated. Come about to bring you out and when I bring you out, I will elevate you beyond whatever you even thought you deserved.

Speaker 7:87:29Sure,

Speaker 3:87:32man, the Holy Ghost in this house right here. Come on the whole Lottie moon button. Move. Let him move. Let him move. Come on, let the spirit of the Lord move in. This place. Come on of you have been limited and live in limited. Some of you allowed your mind to shackle you and hold you in a place where you even began to question whether the I am was going to visit you. Whether you deserve the promotion, whether you deserve to be elevated, whether you deserve to come out. I'm telling you, he's ministering right now. Holy Ghost. Move in this place today. Holy Ghost. Move in this place today. Oh, sweet spirit of God. Move in this place right now. Cool. Just one day, just one day. One day you go from sorrow to joy. One day you go from weeping. Just one day season of acceleration. One day a poverty turns you into a day, a pound to one day of catching, no fish turns into a movement of a overflow. It may just be water today, but he can turn watch one way into another way because he is the one who steps outside of time.

Speaker 3:89:18Look, this people standing around you that are rowing the boat that are tired. There's some people standing around you about halfway across the lake and they're weary. They're worn out, they've been believing you, but they're not making much progress. I also wonder if we could just extend a hand and maybe just put your hand on the shoulder or just do something in a way of letting them know, listen, I'm going to help you row a while. I know you're tired. I know you're weary, but we don't keep rolling because he's on his way. He's on his way. He's on his way. He's on his way.

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