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#120 - Charles Cardello (BiFocal Media)
January 16, 2018 Tom Mullen
If you were around in the 90s and had a live video of a band like Braid or Michigan Fest or picked up a VHS of Actuality of Thought, BiFocal were the ones that did it. Charles has gone on to do a lot of amazing things from those early days of filming some of the best bands in the mid to late 90s.

I bought their VHS tape of Actuality of Thought, which was live songs from amazing bands like Braid, Sleepytime Trio, Jejune, The Get Up Kids, The Promise Ring to name a few. Look it up on YouTube if you want to understand what we’ll be talking about. We also talk about filming an entire Krazy Fest and how it may never see the light of day.

In the early days, those that had cameras documented a lot of beautiful things that we take for granted with our smartphones. Charles and BiFocal Media did an amazing job of documenting a time period and understanding that this was something needed by bands and the scene.

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