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#134 - Nathan Hardy (Microwave)
July 20, 2018 Tom Mullen
Today we welcome Nathan Hardy from the band Microwave. Microwave just finished up a little run with Jimmy Eat World and The Hotelier and it was high time to get Nathan to chat. We talk a lot about being labeled emo, his struggle and acceptance of growing out of the mormon church, being homeless for a time and feeling like a big kid when everyone else moves on and “grows up.” I remind him that Microwave is a horrible band name for SEO and Nathan searches his band name on Google for the first time. He also goes in depth on what the next album will be about. The DIY spirit is alive and well with Nathan and Microwave. If you aren’t familiar, check em out then dive into this interview. if you’re up for keeping this podcast alive, head on over to our Patreon page at patreon.com/washedupemo to support!
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