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3-18-2017 Show: Freaky Field Reports! Hour-1
March 18, 2017 Vance Pollack
Shelley Wright is on the road, investigating the deep South. She will join Vance by phone to tell us what mischief she's found in New Orleans, the extremely-haunted Myrtle's Plantation, and her wild night in a "hidden" vampire speakeasy. AND Joshua P. Warren will call in from the Bermuda Triangle to give us an update on the identity of the controversial Commander X, along with Warren's new invention that allows YOU to see the aura, and his new experiments creating a research field called "Para-Cymatics." PLUS Vance uncovers the "Ambrose and Anola" channels, psychic messages of the New Cycle delivered in Asheville during the 1930s. Dark 30 includes unhealthy appetites, sex in public and porn-a-plenty . . . as if you'd expect anything less. Our team declares this one of the best batches of unsavory material we've heard in years!
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