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04-29-17 Show - Hour 2
April 29, 2017 Vance Pollack
Vance is pleased to welcome legendary musician Stevie Tombstone to Speaking of Strange! A songwriting career spanning four decades can be traced to the ghost stories and melodies his grandmother shared with himduring his childhood. As frontman of The Tombstones in Atlantain the 1980s, Stevie blazed a trail in the American rock undergroundfor blues-inspired, mojo-driven sounds. His continuing solo work tapstraditional gothic elements and shines a light in dark corners. Stevieshares stories from his long career bearing on the uncanny and unexplained.A great collision of music and mystery from one of the most genuine song writers active today. Dark 30 will keep you amused with forehead-slapping "whatwere they thinking?" current events featuring unsavory twists that prove the world really is becoming more and more insane every day
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