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5-27-2017 Show: Ghostly Parallels! - HOUR 3
May 27, 2017 Vance Pollack
The crew is finding a common thread echoed in strange local stories across the country. Lydia, the hitch-hiking ghost of High Point, North Carolina, has been around nearly a hundred years. Her story is similar to that of many other "phantom travelers." Urban legends such as that of "the fun house mummy" certainly draw on true cases, such as "The Dook" of Asheville; embalmed, unburied and on exhibit for years. What makes such tales so universal and is there a grain of truth behind them? PLUS . . . in Dark 30: Don't make fun of this man's gun. Naked, greased and evading police. Extreme deer wresting and more sensational headlines from around the globe!
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