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10-21-2017 Show / Hour 2
October 21, 2017 Vance Pollack
In-Studio Seance | Interview with Stu Phillips, Composer of 80s TV! We have a crazy, mixed bag for you! Ghostly Guidance. On the trail of Asheville's notorious Nazi necromancer, Vance reveals the myriad twists and turns as he plunged down the rabbit hole 25 years ago... and is still discovering incredible tangents so specific that there must be ghostly guidance. The gang light a séance candle in the studio and invoke some spirits that some folks might say are better left alone! Hour 2: The Music of our childhood. Joshua P. Warren interviews Stu Phillips, TV and film composer with so many fabulous credits that everyone is sure to recognize a few of his tunes. An insightful slice of nostalgia. Dark 30: We couldn't avoid all the Florida weirdness even if we tried. Assault with hot nacho cheese, a killing over an imaginary girlfriend and grand theft fajita. The world really is becoming more insane EVERY DAY!
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