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12-16-2017 Show Hour 3
December 16, 2017 Vance Pollack
Special guests Christian MacLeod and Daniel Hurst join the gang in-studio to share the very personal "believer experiences" which have lured them to search for hidden beasts. A great return to the field of modern cryptozoological research with The Asheville Cryptid Society. Christian elaborates on the likelihood that monsters of myth and folklore exist in the woods and wilderness around us. See: https://AshevilleCryptidSociety.com PLUS . . . A two-hour conversation touching on widely varied and fascinating phenomena and demonstrating rational explanations that only strengthen their evergreen allure. Shelley Wright has a big holiday announcement regarding the expansion of her "paranormal boutique" Nevermore Mystical Arts. You won't want to miss this fun fact-filled episode. Dark 30: In case you were wondering, it's not a good idea to cement your head inside a microwave oven. Alcohol-driven human folly knows no bounds as demonstrated by recent headlines.
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