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The Mobilecast #222 - Kinvey - A love story with Sravish Sridhar
December 15, 2015 Brian Katz
Brian Katz talks with Sravish Sridhar, CEO and founder of Kinvey. They start with the history of how Kinvey was founded from Sravish being kicked off a couch to creating an app for moms and their goal to be the McDonalds of their space. They talk about why there is an M in front of their BaaS and Brian and Sravish yelling on a NYC street. They talk about the 5 things that make up every app and how identity is a key component to both apps and what Kinvey does. They move on to their mission of making hard things easy and the pitfalls that leads to when selling. Sravish talks about the lessons he has learnt in the last 4 years and they wrap up talking about Techstars, mentor backed entrepreneurship, and the future. Twitter: @Sravish – Sravish Sridhar @kinvey Websites:
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