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62: Interview with Dr. Mick Ukleja
July 03, 2015 Hans Finzel
This week I have a great interview for you with Dr. Mick Ukleja! Dr. Ukleja is a Consultant, Teacher, and Writer who studies and teaches leadership and works extensively with Millennials as they are the future of the workforce. Top Leadership Lessons that Dr. Mick Has Learned “Leadership is synonymous with becoming yourself. It is precisely that simple, and that difficult.” Warren Bennis. This means if you can’t lead yourself, you can’t lead others. Passion is a responsibility that we need to work on everyday. It includes mastering our moods. Life is about motion or movement. We have to get in the habit of acting before feeling, which prevents procrastination. Affirmation is a key to mastering moods and controlling our self talk. Our fears and doubts can be our allies, as it is God’s way of pointing out where we do not trust him. Fighting the ImposterSyndrome: this is a form of self talk that says: “if people really found out the truth about you they would not think you are as smart or successful as you think you are.” Concentration is something you need to be brutal about. “Simplify to amplify.” Do whatever you can to eliminate clutter in your world to minimize distraction: make your bed, clear your desk, get rid of stuff you don’t need. The Ability to Self-Differentiate: knowing where you end and others begin. This is the concept of togetherness and separateness. Too much separation causes us to miss out on be connected to others and be “in the loop.” If we are too close to others we get enmeshed in other people and leads to mob psychology and not thinking on their own.
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