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49: Getting Your Groove Back
January 02, 2015 Hans Finzel
his is a continuation of my series on the Power of Passion in Leadership, which is the title of my new book, due to on Amazon January 7th! In this episode I cover: A Pain point about being scared to confront problems on your team, including problem team members Getting Your Groove Back An extensive list of ideas for how to get your groove back Some great resources to help you I have a friend whose name is John. We have known each other since high school. John’s family has a very successful company in Alabama. His grandfather started the company, and then turned it over to John’s dad, who turned it over to him. It has just kept growing and prospering through the decades. They are very good at what they do. When John’s dad turned the reins over to him, he tried to run the company but did not enjoy it at all. He was not wired to be a CEO or a COO. He loves computers and the nuts and bolts that a company needs behind the scenes. He finally sat his father down and said, “Dad, I love our company and I will always work here, but I cannot run it. I can’t and I don’t want to. It is not good for the company or for me to even try.” So John became the chairman of the board and loves his work for the family business, but the family hired a very competent person to run the place. That is healthy convergence. John got his groove back after being in a place that held no passion for him.
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