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65: Learn to Lead A is for Accessibility
August 14, 2015 Hans Finzel
Did you know that accessibility is absolutely essential for today’s’ leaders? No corner offices and executive floors! Welcome back to our series on Learn to Lead: Ten Essential Skills Every New Leader Must Master. We have covered L: Listen and Learn, and E: Emotional Intelligence. Today I want to talk about A: Accessibility, and along with it Vulnerability. Beware of the: Ivory tower syndrome Corner office syndrome I have devised a simple test to determine whether you are task or people oriented. When you are working at your desk, and someone comes up to talk to you just for conversation, do you stop work, smile, and chat until the conversation comes to its natural conclusion? Or do you grimace inside and do anything you can to get the conversation done as quickly as possible. If your answer is the latter than you are one of us: the ‘Type A’ personality who tends to measure success by getting our lists checked off.
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