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31: Emotional Intelligence – An Interview with Dr. Henry Deneen
April 17, 2014 Hans Finzel
Thoughts from Henry Deneen: In determining fitness for hiring, or incompetency once hired, many employers focus on the so-called hard skills, including indicators such as aggressiveness, follow-through, speed, being fast and persistent. While these are important issues in hiring, training, and equipping employees, they are by no means the only or even the most important factors. Incorporation of so-called soft skills may be of equal importance in determining the types of people to seek to represent an organization. These skills are defined as creativity, listening skills, team skills, being open to criticism, and being team players as well as areas of “Personal Competence” (self-awareness, self-management) and “Social Competence” (Social Awareness, Relationship Management) and constitute an individual’s emotional intelligence (EI). It is possible that “people can improve their EI and make lasting gains that have a profoundly positive impact upon their lives.
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