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Homeschooling with Ann (Part 2): Podcast Episode 12
August 31, 2016 Candra Georgi
This episode I interview my friend, Ann, who is a homeschool mom to two boys ages 9 & 6, and a 2 year old girl (and one on the way!). Please enjoy our mostly uncut, unedited, un-technical and unprepared conversation. These podcast interview was two hours, so I split it into Part 1 & Part 2. This is Part 2. We cover how my husband and her shared the same superlative in high school, dyslexia, ADHD, being Holy Spirit lead in a season to use a Christian school for one child, Danny Silk, knowing your child's love language, "Yes" kid dates, chores, list of assignments board, doing Classical Conversations at home, Community Bible Study (CBS), Math U See, Singapore math woes, media time, detoxing from the summer, when your child finally falls in love with reading, glasses, unfun days, schedules that work, photo math app, star walk app, and much more. If nothing else you will walk away feeling more normal, less crazy, and think you're a better mom than both of us. For real though, I hope you are encouraged, learn something, laugh, and enjoyed this while you folded laundry.
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