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Thanks Be to God
November 20, 2016 Rev. Dr. Abayomi Lawal
BENEFITS OF THANKSGIVING TO GOD 1. It is right to give thanks to God. 2. Thanksgiving will change our view of life from being selfish to being generous to others. 3. Thanksgiving will magnify the blessings of the Lord in our lives. 4. Thanksgiving is a unique way of witnessing to those around us that our God is dependable. 5. It instills in us the truth of God’s indescribable love and mercy. 6. It gives us a sense of contentment so that we think less of what we do not have. AVOID THE FOLLOWING WHEN GIVING THANKS TO GOD: Don’t disregard God’s worth in the scheme of things. Don’t give to God without your heart being in it. Don’t give hastily, put some thought into it. Don’t give out of necessity or grudgingly, give cheerfully. Don’t give out of competition with others, give out of love and appreciation. Don’t forget that you will get a harvest of what you sow be it good or bad.
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