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Fulfilling God’s Promise for Our Jubilee
February 05, 2017 Rev. Olufemi Babalola

Fulfilling God’s Promise for Our Jubilee

February 05, 2017

CHANGE IS INEVITABLE Change is difficult for many people to accept even though we all say that the only constant thing in life is change. In order to accept change in our life experiences, we need to deal with it positively. Here are few tips that will help us deal with change: 1. Do not be hypocritical about your feelings but express it in a polite way. 2. Understand that change is an inevitable part of life and it can bring new opportunities for better development. 3. Do not let change take negative control of your emotions. Try to have a positive perspective of what is happening. 4. Recognize your strength and ability to adapt. Instead of resisting change, try to look on the bright side because God knows what is going on. What we set out to do in the area of Evangelism and Missions will change the ways we do things in our Men’s Missionary Union and Women’s Missionary Union. I pray that oppositions will not come because “we are going to deviate from the Baptist Convention system”. Ikoyi Baptist Church is a Bible believing church so let the Bible guide us and not the traditions of men. God bless you all
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