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My Father's House
February 04, 2018 Rev. Dr. Olusegun Adeleke
A Message Prepared and Delivered By 'Segun Adeleke, D.Min., On Feb. 4th, 2018, at Ikoyi Baptist Church During Her Sunday Worship Service. A lot is going on in “My Father's House” around the world that is good. Some other things are however going on that are very worrisome. Just as Nehemiah was concerned about the ruins of the city of Jerusalem, all genuine children of God should be concerned about the state of the present day church. There is a clarion call to all God's children to arise and do all we can to save our Father's house from total collapse. The process of doing this demands that we return to a Biblical understanding of what our Father’s House is all about. Some of the things we need to know about “My Father's house”: 1. It is a House of Prayer - V.13. It is commonly said that "when purpose is not known abuse is imminent." It is quite unfortunate that many Christians, including Church leaders are fast losing the understanding of the purpose of the church. This is the reason for most of the abuse and sacrilegious things we see happening in the church of our day. Jesus in our text redefined and with passion engaged in the recovery of the purpose of the church. This is also the task before every genuine child of God today. Only bastards will fold their hands, looking on while their father’s house is overgrown with weeds and fast becoming a den of robbers. This is a challenge not to keep quiet when we see things going on contrary to God's purpose in this church and every local church we attend. You shall give account, especially when you see things going wrong in your Father's house and you keep mute. You will give account of every idleness in your Father's house. You will give account of every prayerlessness in your Father's house. This means that prayer must be on the front burner in every local church. Prayer should saturate all that we do in each local church. Every local church should be a house of prayer and anything short of this is unacceptable to God. It is very sad today that not much prayer is going on in the church of our day. Prayer is not being given the priority it deserves. Prayer is no longer on the front burner of the church as it was in the Acts of the Apostle. Oh that God would visit us again and pour the Spirit of prayer on us. Oh that God would set His church ablaze in the place of prayer. Oh that genuine kingdom praying will return to the church. Father please teach us to pray in IBC. Please drive prayerlessness out of my life; out of my family and out of this church today. Help the Men, the Women, the Youth, the Teenagers, the children to be given to a life of prayer. 2. It is a House of Miracles- V.14. “My Father's house” is a House of Miracles. Immediately our Lord purged the temple, He restored her to fulfilling purpose and miracles began to take place effortlessly. When IBC as a local church is committed to a life of holiness and prayer, miracles would begin to happen effortlessly in our camp. “My Father's house” is a house of healing. You are actually that house. I am that house. We are the temple of the living God. He said we shall lay hands on the sick and they will recover. Alleluia. There is healing in the house of IBC this morning. The Healer Himself is in the house. Let every disease and affliction disappear. Let every disease and affliction be cursed and uprooted by the power in the name of Jesus. Let fibroid melt now by the fire of the Holy Spirit. Let every sickness and infirmity be destroyed right now by the power of the Holy Spirit. Note: Isa. 33:24; Jer. 30:16. 3. It is a House of Praise - V.15-16. “My Father's house” is also a house of praise. There should never be a dull moment in my Father's house. The kings of this world copied this principle from the holy writ. This is why in every proper Oba’s palace you will have praise singers and their drummers. Oh my God, let praise return to your house today. Raise genuin
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