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What Everyone Needs
September 10, 2017 Bethlehem Community Church
“WHAT EVERYONE NEEDS” 1. What did you think of Bill Gates’ wisdom? 2. Read Proverbs 1:2. What is Solomon’s first purpose for writing Proverbs? How is God’s perspective on life different from this world’s perspective on life? What perspective do you usually come from? 3. Read Proverbs 1:3. What is Solomon’s second purpose for writing Proverbs? What does a successful life look like to you? What does God say is a successful life? 4. Read Proverbs 1:4. What is Solomon’s third purpose for writing Proverbs? What is common sense? Do you have it? 5. Does the idea of studying Proverbs interest you? Excite you? If you would like to not receive any more emails from Bethlehem Community Church, then click here to unsubscribe.
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