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The Good Life
October 08, 2017 Bethlehem Community Church
Sermon Questions Series: The Book of Proverbs Pastor Frank Wray “THE GOOD LIFE” 1. Why do you think the average “Christian” does not hear the voice of God for their lives? 2. Read Proverbs 3:1a. What is Solomon saying here is necessary for “the good life”? How does the average Christian view the words, “God’s law or commandments”? Why is this (i.e., generally view God’s laws or commandments negatively)? How should we view God’s laws and commandments? 3. Read Proverbs 3:1b. What is Solomon saying here is necessary for the good life? Does the American church, in general, believe that obedience is essential to be a true Christian? (What is your opinion on this?) What does it mean to say, “I am under grace”? Biblically, what is grace? Why is obedience to God’s commands essential? (Remember the GPS illustration.) 4. Read Proverbs 3:2. What does Solomon say are the results of knowing God’s commands and laws and seeking to obey them? (Note that Solomon gives two results.)
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