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It Was My Mouth!
January 07, 2018 Bethlehem Community Church
Sunday, January 7, 2018 Pastor Frank Wray “IT WAS MY MOUTH!” Sermon Questions 1. Do you agree that most people can’t control their mouths? 2. On a scale of one to ten (one being little control and ten being total control), how well do you control your mouth on a daily basis? 3. In the Bible and Proverbs in particular, God has a lot to say about our mouths. Why do you think this is? 4. Read Proverbs 17:27-28. What is Solomon saying here? Do you agree with Solomon? 5. Read Proverbs 18:21. What is Solomon saying here? What is he not saying? (I.e., do our words have the same creative power as God’s words – for example, Genesis Chapter 1?) 6. Can you give examples where our tongues (i.e., your tongue) has brought death and life? 7. Read Jeremiah 9:8. Why are our words like arrows and not swords? 8. Read Matthew 12:36-37. Do these words of Jesus make you nervous? Why or why not?
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